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2/25/13 7:10 P

Any fish is gseat and quite healthy. Lot up the salad and veggies. I always make sure half my plate is filled with veggies - usually 3/4.

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2/23/13 2:29 P

I think eggs and bacon are a very good breakfast. Turkey bacon or a side of veggies are an alternative side if someone is averse to pork.
For dinner, I think preparing a healthy protein dish, a big salad, and 1-2 vegetable sides would be the most reasonable solution to meet both your needs (weight loss) and his (meat).

baked tilapia, steamed zucchini, roasted pepper, side salad
spaghetti squash, meatballs, fresh tomato sauce, caesar salad

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2/23/13 2:06 P

I agree. I used to have the same problem with my husband. So he'd eat all the meat/pasta/bread portions of the meal and I'd eat more of the veggies. Over the years, he's slowly seeing it my way although still prefers more of HIS stuff than mine. At least I only cook one meal. Good luck.

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2/23/13 2:03 P

I agree w/ the advice you've already gotten. My SO also can eat a lot, and while he's a pretty good sport about eating veggies, he likes his meat. Finding meals that you can mix and match things works out well too... like maybe you both eat chicken as a main dish, but you can have lots of veggies for you, and he can have another side dish of potatoes or bread. I also love doing baked potatoes... I top with just a tiny bit of butter and pepper, whereas he piles on the sour cream and cheese. Same for stuff like tacos. The base is the same meat, but I just top mine with a little salsa, and he will put on sour cream and cheese.

Also for meat, I buy in bulk usually and freeze, so when I do that, I always have 2 pieces of meat in each ziploc bag. But, one piece is smaller, and the other is larger. So when it comes time to make dinner, his is the larger one, I get the smaller one. Sometimes I might have to take mine out sooner so it doesn't overcook but that's not a problem. I also often make meals like casseroles or pasta bakes that are 4-6 servings, and I take my portion out and plate it, and also put another portion in a container for my lunch, and then after that, he can have as much of the rest as he wants. That way I'm still getting my correct portions, and he can eat until he's satisfied.

And, also, if he doesn't like what I make, he can either make his own dinner, go pick something up for himself, or make a sandwich. But most of the time he appreciates whatever I make for him, even if he doesn't like it that much, and will eat it.

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2/23/13 1:07 P

I had the same problem with my last boyfriend. I usually found myself taking what he liked and tweaking the recipe so that it was healthier, but still the same basic dish.

For example...his favorite meal was shepherd's pie. I used turkey for the bottom layer...and for the veggie layer instead of just corn I'd add carrots, mushrooms, peas, spinach...whatever I had in the freezer.

2/23/13 12:47 P

I usually start the menu process based on the meat I plan to serve. I then add on lots of compelmenting veggies. Your hubby could just stick with his larger meat and fewer veggies if that is his choice.

You can both have spaghetti--leave the pasta, sauce and cheese seperate---you can fix your combination as you wish and so can he. If he wants to add a slice of bread, it is his choice.

I have made casseroles before, topping part of the casserole with more cheese and part with less.

You can fix bacon and eggs and enjoy the quantity of both that you want.

I would be more satisfied making adjustments in my food portions, than fixing 2 entirely different meals---that is way too much work for me.

SP DIetitian Becky

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2/23/13 12:36 P

My husband strongly feels that meat is the centerpiece of each meal, whereas I usually choose the veggie option when possible. He also likes really "typical" types of food - spaghetti with lots of bread, casseroles with lots of cheese, lots of bacon and an egg in the morning... I don't want to eat the way he eats, and even if I eat small portions of what he eats, I am not satisfied and don't feel good.

I was wondering if anyone else has found good solutions to this - I end up making two entirely separate meals every time.

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