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cooking and calories???

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2/17/13 12:07 P

Like others mentioned, I build the recipe in I do it even if I'm only making 1 serving of something. Plus, since I meal plan ahead of time, building the recipe ahead of time saves me the "surprise" of making something, then finding out later it put me over my calories for the day. I also adjust the servings at that point. Some recipes say they make 6-8 servings, but I'll have it done as 6, or sometimes even as 4. I adjust it until I get the calories per serving I want. It's a bit time consuming at first, but once you get the hang of using the builder, it goes very fast. Sometimes, I will separate out the protein from the recipe, and enter a recipe that just says "Ingredients for breaded meat". That way I can use that, plus use whatever meat I'm using (pork, chicken, etc) in the tracker. I also like that I can go back in and edit the recipe if I find out the 16oz of chicken I had originally entered ended up only being 14oz. You can also go back to a recipe you already entered, make changes, change the name of it, and save it as a new recipe, leaving your old one still fully intact.

Just another note too, if you're only using the recipe for your personal use, and/or it comes from a published cookbook or website, UNCHECK the box at the bottom to share the recipe. It's a violation of copyright laws to publish someone else's recipe, and it's not cool to share recipes on the database that are only halfway written etc (like many of mine are, they just include the ingredients, no instructions). I have over 100 recipes in my recipe box, but only a couple of them are shared.

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2/17/13 11:49 A

I rely on the recipe calculator when I'm cooking. I plan it all out ahead of time and enter the information so that I know exactly how much I can have when I cook. It's worth the time and effort if you want a fairly accurate amount.

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2/17/13 10:21 A

if it is something you make regularly, use [you can also find the link under the articles and videos tab] to enter the recipe.
if you make things differently every time, enter what you use.
so if you use a teaspoon of olive oil, you search olive oil, select teaspoon and enter it. if you use a Tablespoon, same thing with a Tablespoon.
if you added a half cup of chopped zucchini, you'd enter half cup of chopped zucchini.
if you added a teaspoon of rosemary, you'd enter a teaspoon of rosemary.

if you only ate half of what you made, you'd enter in half the amount you used. if you only ate 1/3 of it, you'd enter a third of what you made.

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2/17/13 9:54 A


I use to eat out ALOT and now I am cooking my own meals and yes I am an amazing cook BUT I do not know how many calories are in my food.

for example, if I am stir frying veges, I only put one spoon of olive oil and some spices and my veges.

How do I count calories of my home made dishes?


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