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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,875
11/23/13 12:51 A

I haven't actually seen this but I picked it right off the top of what's offered for the search argument 'debone a fish.'

I once saw a very very short video that showed how to easily debone a fish before cooking it (I think it was on the New York Times website but it was long ago). I thought it looked so neat and easy.

Youtube is a treasure trove of video clips showing how-tos. My absolute favorite Asian cooking video there is 'Cooking with Dog' in which a young woman shows how to cook great Asian stuff with her poodle sitting next to her. She's really great.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,578
11/22/13 9:39 P

You will need to remove the scales and clip off the fins and tail. You can also de-bone the fish but that is a lot work. You can bake it whole then remove the bones after, it's easier to remove the bones then.

11/22/13 9:07 P

A friend of mine is a fishing boat captain who is home for the holidays. He brought me a whole fish, a salmon. It's gutted, but still has tail, scales, fin thingys. How do I get it ready to bake? I found a recipe but something tells me there is more to the fish then plopping it in the oven. .

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