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11/25/13 8:16 P

I have been type one for 28 years now so I look forward to new recipes.....

Final weight goal of 140 pounds & maintain my fitness with excellent blood sugar management.
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11/24/13 3:02 P

Google diabetic recipes and low sodium recipes for thousands of choices. Low carb diets are diabetic friendly but generally high in sodium. There are recipes for low sodium condiments that are combinations of herbs and spices that add flavor without salt to any recipe. It might take your friend a while to adjust to new flavors and new ways of cooking.

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11/23/13 7:06 P

I'm diabetic, obese, have high blood pressure and gout. I'm also the perfect storm! I was diagnosed in June and started meds and a low carb diet. Lost 60 + pounds, lowered my blood pressure, and haven't had a gout attack since starting my new WOE. I cook for my family every day. I don't eat what ever starch they are eating and I add more veggies to my meal. About 3 months ago I went gluten free and while that has been a little more challenging, it is very doable.

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11/20/13 2:15 P

There have been several good sources of recipes for people with diabetes mentioned. The DASH diet has good research to back up its use for people with high blood pressure, and it's also useful for people with diabetes. Of course each person needs to follow specific food guidelines from your physician. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Important Notice: Information provided by Abbott Nutrition and its representatives is for general background purposes and is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment by a trained professional. You should always consult your physician about any health care questions you may have, especially before trying a new medication, diet, fitness program, or approach to health care issues. Please use GlucernaŽ products under medical supervision as part of your diabetes management plan
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11/19/13 10:55 A

Its not as hard to find the foods or the recipes, what is hard is sticking to it! Just like everything that we all need to do!....

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10/12/13 1:19 P

Look for recipes by googling "Mediterranean diet." Also, look at the American Diabetes Association site and the Mayo Clinic site. Good recipes!


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2/18/13 10:50 A

Thanks, did not know that.

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2/17/13 11:44 P

If you click on the Articles &Videos tab at the top of the page, you will find a whole section dedicated to diabetes, including recipes. There is a lot of information there.

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2/13/13 8:50 P

Thank you:-)

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2/10/13 9:35 A

I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday and noticed they had a whole section of cook books for diabetics.


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2/9/13 8:38 P

I have a friend in her 60's that is obese, hyper-tensive and diabetic...the perfect storm. She claims that if she cooks for that she will eat only celery and other rabbit food. Does anyone know of a cookbook (or even this site) that has recipes that address these issues? I want to prove her wrong about the rabbit food but she will not listen to preaching. She already knows that she is in bad shape and she already knows that she needs to do this and needs to do that etc. She likes to cook though, so I am hoping that if there are recipes that will help, she might be inspired.

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