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MARXELLA Posts: 106
12/16/12 1:41 P

Thanks! Those were really helpful! I've also just read about magnesium.

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12/16/12 7:16 A

Some options I've heard help others:

more exercise
hot ginger tea
high dose Vitamin C
carbonated water
unrefined coconut oil (1t to start; can have strong effect)
more fat, less protein
seafood as your only protein source

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12/16/12 5:36 A

Unless you are aiming at zero carbs, the great majority of vegetables are full of fiber saturated with water and other essential nutrients while containing small amounts of carbs. Eat more vegetables and over time you should be fine. It may be a good idea to check with your doctor too.

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MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
12/16/12 1:03 A

Magnesium is helpful. If you drink coffee, that also gets things moving. Avocados and flaxmeal also has lots of natural fiber.

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SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,249
12/16/12 12:31 A

Asafoetida The best spice to get rid of gas or bloating, use also for constipation.
Use it to help digest meat and beans (get it from Indian grocers). Use ¼ tsp per person. , low digestive power, worms, candida.

DRINK SOME CHAMOLIE TEA this herb has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties which can help prevent the onset of gas symptoms and stomach cramps.


Ginger Snap cookies with molases help keep bowels moving....NABISCO Have 5 cookies

Foods That Help Relieve Constipation: Broccoli; Tomato; Turnip; Garlic; Onions; Cabbage ... Asparagus, Radishes, Sesame Seed, flaxseeds,Carrots Spinach Pine Nuts
Fruits and vegetables are beneficial in providing constipation relief for one main reason — fiber.

High fiber foods, especially bran cereals, beans, lentils, and high fiber bars. When you do eat these foods, drinking plenty of flat water can help wash them all down and promote smoother digestion. Try an apple with a handful of almonds.

Dark chocolate has a positive effect on your mood and cognitive health and is good for your heart and colon. Above 70% cocoa is the best.

Flax seeds are a good source of soluble and insoluble fiber. This fiber helps to cleanse the colon of toxins and metabolic waste, and many people take one pill in the morning ...available at Walmart in capsules.

Many meds can cause constipation like beta blockers....see a doctor if this does not help

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MARXELLA Posts: 106
12/16/12 12:04 A

I have the normal issue with low carb and constipation. Any helpful suggestion that are 1. not laxatives. 2. not drinking more and taking more fiber (b/c I'm already doing that)

Does olive oil help? Or a Magnesium supplement? Can you take a stool softener every day or are they just another form of laxative?

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