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1/31/13 8:01 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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1/31/13 7:38 A

maybe take a cereal bar with you - it's an easy snack.... i like the fiber one bars. they're about 100 cals and pretty healthy. making your own trail mix and bagging it for a snack is also pretty easy..... if you can add 2 snacks in during the day it would help your calorie intake

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1/31/13 7:22 A

thanks for the suggestions. I am not a huge veggie eater. I like green beans, asparagus, carrots, corn (if that's a veggie) lol I drink 2% milk, but love fruits. I might start buying the frozen blueberries and things like that to put into my cereal, to make smoothies with. Also love bananas. Will also get more nuts, trail mix etc. I don't want to break my budget though.

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1/31/13 7:17 A


Without knowing what you're eating now it's hard to be more specific.
But just eat more of the 'good' stuff. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy, whole grains and healthy fats.

Drinking a cup of whole milk can add 80-100 calories.
A palm full of raw unsalted nuts is a healthy calorie dense snack option.

Adding a banana to your cereal or oatmeal.

Add avocado, tuna, or beans to your salads.

Things like that......

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1/31/13 7:14 A

I run into that problem. I started tracking more nutrients, including fats. I finally got off my plateau when I added healthy fats. That also equals calories, important calories. Avacados, nuts, olive oil, to name some. I shocked my doc when I told him I added fat (and more healthy carbs) to my diet.

Nuts can be ground in a coffee grinder (add a few drops of oil). You can make almond, cashew, peanut butters fresh for a fraction of what it costs to buy pre-made. Pluse the added bene of no additives.

Hope these few suggestions help. I know you don't want to put your body in starvation mode.

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1/31/13 6:52 A

I am constantly under my caloric goal. With occasionally going over or in my range. Sometimes I am like 300-400 under. I need to be 1200-1550 calories per day. I don't snack much during the week at all. I guess I need to eat more stuff too. Any suggestions?

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