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5/29/13 12:58 P

My preference is to get it all done at once because I sweat easily. But, I don't think it matters much....

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5/29/13 12:05 P

I'm definitely a one-and-done type of exerciser, but props to you for doing squats/lunges while getting your laundry done as opposed to just standing there! You can definitely get good benefits of body-weight training by doing that. Cardio wise, I'm not sure of, because I know I like to get my HR up and then keep it up for longer than just 10 mins.

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5/29/13 11:59 A

The American Council on Exercise guidelines from 2011 say that your recommended 30 minutes of activity CAN be broken up into sets -- so 3 sets of 10 minutes will give you the same health benefits as 1 set of 30 minutes.

Now what I don't know is this: If you break up your workouts, it seems like that wouldn't help with muscular endurance, so if that's a factor in your fitness program, you might need to look at doing 30 minutes of continual exercise at least a couple of times a week. But on that, I'm not sure.

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5/29/13 11:10 A

I feel best after my cardio so I do my entire workout at one time!

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5/29/13 9:06 A

You can break it up like that of course! Not all movement counts, but that should. I don't usually break it up like that, but I do usually do a 25-45 minute workout in the morning, and a 10 minute workout during the day. It keeps me from sitting too long at work!

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5/28/13 11:00 P

My entire weight-loss has been breaking up my workouts throughout the day. I do ten minutes here and there and sometimes, I will continue for 30, then stop, then start back up after a short break. I don't like to sweat that much and it works just as good as long workouts. Also, it stretches endurance longer. I can get in at least 3 hours of high activity in a day by doing intervals.

My rule of thumb is:

If I am doing low intensity, such as cleaning, walking, then longer is better!
If I am doing high intensity, like kickboxing, treadmill, then I do short intervals!


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5/28/13 10:30 P

Does it matter if you spread your workout into 3 - 10 minute sessions or if you do it all in 1 - 30 minute session? Case in question - yesterday I did 90 minutes of consecutive cleaning where I worked up quite a sweat and got my heart rate up. Today I did 60 minutes worth of squats while doing laundry, but I did them broken up in 10 minute time spans. Do both of these qualify as workouts? Is it the time spent moving that counts or the consecutive time spent moving?

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