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6/15/12 11:27 A

thanks for your hlep. ill give that a try :)

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6/15/12 11:21 A

Ooops, duplicate post...

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MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (78,838)
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6/15/12 11:20 A

As far as I remember you get to choose kg or lbs. If you click
and scroll down you will see a button with "reset your goals" written on top.

To choose kgs, on the same page scroll up and just above the button with "save my information" written on top, you will see a check box next to "metric system".

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6/15/12 11:17 A

Im hoping someone can help me. im going to sound really dumb here but what measurments is the weight tracker in... lbs or kgs ? and also is there anyway to clear the histoy of previous goals as i set one last year and just stopped tracking weight loss...(well gave up losing weight really - as nothing was happening)

any help would be great, im a total newbie with regards to finding my way around the site and ipad app as any help is seriously appreciated :)


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