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8/26/13 4:29 P

someone trained could give better advice

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,174
8/25/13 7:33 A


Welcome to the site! Susan has given you some great advice. Your best bet is to get exercise suggestions from a physical therapist who can design a set of exercises specific to your needs.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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8/25/13 1:45 A

Just to clarify my fracture is a compression fracture. And yes I am going to make an appointment Monday and see about getting a physical therapy referral. This pain sucks! I feel so old lol


SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
8/24/13 10:05 P

My advice would be to go back to the doctor to verify that this is normal and expected. Once cleared there, I would ask for a referral to a physical therapist. Working with a PT is the best way to get exercises that work around your injury.

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8/24/13 6:54 P

Hi all,
I am new to the boards here but I am looking for some advice. I was diagnosed with a lumbar spinal fracture 3 months ago after a snowboarding fall back in december. The only pain I had was to the touch in the specific area of the injury but that is gone now. My orthopedist said I could exercise as tolerated so I'm cleared for exercise. Well I haven't started yet but I really need to.
Over the last month my mid to low back has started hurting but not in the sense that when I move or exert myself, only after getting up after laying flat like in bed or off the floor. The pain is transient and goes away after 30 seconds to a minute. I believe it's from my vertebrae settling into a different position and then readjusting when I go vertical again. But still no pain with any kind of lifting or bending motions.
My questions are: Will strengthening my core muscles help with this pain or is it just something I'll have to deal with forever; and what exercises will help(and which to avoid)? Should I start with a trainer to help with a routine?
I am a very healthy 46 year old male(meaning no medical problems) 6'2 and 195lbs. I'm thinking running I should probably avoid due to the impact but I could really use some advice.

Thanks in advance,
Bob in Bellflower, CA

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