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4/29/11 1:05 A

Oh my, you do have a lot going on - but what helps me is to focus on 'this very minute' and remember that all of these things will pass - I also find that writing and ESPECIALLY keeping a gratitude journal is helpful - it's hard for me to stay in fear or self pity when I'm thinking about things to be grateful for - even if all I can come up with for starters is silly stuff like I'm grateful I have shoes or looking at the news and thinking I'm grateful I'm not in tornado country or living in Misrata, Libys - even when things are pretty bad, they are a lot worse for someone else and I still have a lot to feel grateful for.

I know it's really tough to get thru hard times like these but learning how to deal with 'stuff' without falling apart is one of the very best skills we can possibly develop.

Good luck - I hope things lighten up soon!!

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4/28/11 7:17 P

Hello Audet,

You have my empathy on those issues. Remember to breath. I like to be very deliberate about breathing in energy, calm, vitality etc and imagine it as white light; then exhale all the stress and worries etc imagining that as blue smoke.
One thing you can do is nurture yourself with the most nutrient rich quality food and know you are taking good care of yourself to be able to better handle the challenges. I also like to 'walk it off' with a brisk walk where I can take in the sky, trees and feel the energy of nature balancing as that quiet time is taken.
I wish you wellness and patience to deal with your issues. emoticon

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Have you tried taking up an activity such as Pilates or yoga that are healthy, aid weight loss and help you to relax and de-stress?

I here drinking herbal tea is also good for relaxation plus it doesn't take up a huge amount of calories.

Personally, I like to de-stress by blogging or just writing out anything and everything on my mind. Sometimes I write a letter but never send it but it's just a way to release my feelings.

Dancing and other exercises such as judo and kickboxing are also good ways of taking the stress out of you whilst having fun and exercising.

Hope these suggestions help in some way or even spark a more suitable idea for you.

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4/28/11 6:36 P

okay, I am back after about 6 months. Eye surgery, mass found in jaw, cat needing surgery and the topper my husbands ex taking us to Court for child support! I know everyone has stuff to deal with, how do you all do it when everything hits at once? Plus daily life stuff. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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