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MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
1/10/13 5:08 P

If you follow the My Trackers tab on every page, then My Fitness, the "Use Old Fitness Tracker" button should show up above the My Exercises box, and to the right of the Search/Favorities/Groupings/Mileage box.

Sorry, kinda hard to explain in words. I wish Spark allowed images to be included in posts.


KUTEY5041 Posts: 477
1/10/13 4:44 P

thanks. I still cannot find the popup for the old version with the small strength. I am going to sit down and keep going through all of it to get it figured out.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
1/10/13 6:10 A

As well as accessing the older version of the fitness tracker as above, you can also access the Exercise Demos directly at
or through the Healthy Lifestyle tab and the Fitness link from there.


PSAPPEN Posts: 242
1/9/13 2:46 P

You can still use the old fitness tracker to search for these exercises if you want to preview them. You can find the "Use Old Fitness Tracker (popup version)" button to the left of the "What did you do today?" search.

They are still listed if you search for them in the new tracker, but there isn't a preview option.

KUTEY5041 Posts: 477
1/9/13 1:43 P

I am coming back to sparks to try again. The exercise tracker used to have workouts for no equipment -- like standing push ups on walls, standing calf exercises --etc there were several lines for things to do different types of exercises - standing,using bands, etc - there was a long list of different exercise to chose from to do. I am so lost trying to get all the old exercises bacj on there. Is there someone here that has been with sparks several yrs that knows what I am talking about and how it used to look? I really need help getting the different exercises to do. I have had a total hip replacement so I did a lot of exercises that would not hurt it. Please help me figure out how to get all that stuff back without taking a whold day to try to hunt and then add which takes about 30 minutes for the couple I have found. Thanks sorry but one more question - on this page did I have to subscribe to get an answer. I did not see anywhere to do it, if I was supposed to, can someone msg me to let me know how to do this?

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