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1/9/14 9:17 A

Schedule exercise just like class, work or another activity. I work on a campus, and the student gym is almost always open, but the best time to go is first thing in the morning. Tends to be more serious exercisers and less crowds. Find a class that you like and commit to going to it. Talk to the staff and see what they can set you up with or recommend. Personal training is a steal for students (relatively speaking), so that may be a commitment that you can make so that you stick to it.

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1/9/14 8:46 A

What worked for me in college was getting up earlier. I got up at 6 am, walked to the gym and worked out, showered then went to my 8am class. Just a 30 minute workout every day. Fifteen minutes cardio, 15 minutes weights. I alternated upper and lower body on weights. The rest of my cardio I got walking to class-make it a brisk walk.

The getting up part was the toughest for me, so I started with some mild stretching when I rolled out of bed. Literally-I would roll out of bed after hitting the alarm and start stretching. It got me moving just a little at a time without having to truly wake up that quickly, but it was better than a snooze.

If you just can't get up earlier, then do it on the way back home. No gym? No problem. Make walking to class your cardio, get some hand weights and do a full set of strength exercises as soon as you get home. Got a lot of reading to do for class? Lay the books out on the table and do push-ups on the table while you read-or do it on the floor.


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1/8/14 5:04 P

What about spreading your workouts out? 10 mins 3 times a day.. You can go on Pinterest and find lots of 10-15 min excercises that will get your heart rate up. Little things all add up.

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1/8/14 5:04 P

When is the gym at your school open? When I was in grad school, the gym was open from 5:30 am until midnight during the week. I don't know what the weekend hours were since I didn't go on the weekends. Anyway, I found that the early mornings worked well for me. I'd get there at 5:30, do my workouts, shower, and be out by 7:30 or 8:00 am. It wasn't as crowded at that time of day and it worked well for me. Besides, parking was better early in the morning and if I wanted to move my car to the other side of campus, I could and still get a place to park. I eventually got to where I only did my cardio at the gym and did my strength training at home.

I like the idea of putting your class schedule into a calendar. The visual could help you to see where you have some free time. Pick a time when you know that you could get in a workout.

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1/8/14 4:50 P

Is there a gym on campus? I used to get in short workouts between classes. I even spaced my classes so I made time for my workouts.

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1/8/14 4:46 P

What really helped me was putting my class schedule and activities into Google calendar so that way I could see where I had blocks of time. Remember, a good workout doesn't have to be long. I can get in either a cardio or strength workout that fully exhausts me in about half an hour. Good luck!

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1/8/14 4:40 P

I'm a sophomore in college in a really difficult major and it's really hard for me to find time in my day to get in a solid workout. I know that I will be less stressed if I can workout (endorphins yayyyy!) but I don't know where to fit it in! any help and advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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