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11/10/12 2:50 P

I'm in GA, so we don't get the extreme cold. The most important thing for me when I run in the cold is something over my nose and mouth (a scarf or one of those knit caps made to cover your mouth/nose). If I don't do that, my lungs ache from the cold air. I also need something over my ears...which is taken care of by the head wrap I use to cover my mouth.

I usually run in layers. I do prefer the LS tees because a sweatshirt gets way too warm. I don't really like running in gloves so I'll pull my sleeves down over my hands more often than wearing gloves.

I also have 2 pairs of thicker workout pants for the super cold days. Other days I just wear my yoga pants.

On a few really cold mornings, I've run in a hooded sweatshirt with a tunnel pocket on the front. When my hands get cold, I put them in the pocket to warm up.

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11/10/12 1:18 A

If you are dealing with near-freezing as your coldest days, you don't have it as tough as Zorbs! at that temp, I usually wear a mock turtleneck Under Armor Cold Gear shirt with a light vest over it, warmer running tights (a very lightwweight polar fleece on the inside) and mid-weight gloves. I really don't find any need for a hat or headband to keep my ears warm until it's closer to 20F. Smartwool or other good socks are a great idea. I have a few pairs of Icebreakers and they are great for in the 30's. You can also put duct tape over the mesh part of your shoes to keep the cold air from flowing in.

The rule of thumb is to dress like you would for 20 degrees F warmer than the temp (e.g. if it's 30, wear what you would wear for bumming around in 50 degree weather).

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11/9/12 11:08 P

The Lululemon stuff is great -- for example, they make jackets with long sleeves and thumbholes, so you can pull the sleeves down over your hands comfortably.

One of the best tips I read was to dress as if it's 10 degrees warmer than the thermometer says, because that's how warm it will feel once you've been running about 10 minutes.

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We definitely don't hit -15C here. I'm in Virginia, so out winters get to around 0C, with a few colder days mixed in. I definitely have a lot of shopping to do before it gets cold out here. I didn't know they made hats with a ponytail hole- will definitely be getting one of those too. Thanks for the info!

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11/9/12 1:54 P

how cold does it get where you live?

Gloves, I wear the cheap stretchy ones from the dollar store, except for the coldest days (-15C), where I wear mittens with the built in nose wipe and an instant hand warmer inside.

Hat...lululemon toque with ponytail hole. On the coldest, windiest days I'll wear a tech hoodie and pull up the hood over the toque.

Shirts...l/s tech shirts from races, merino wool base layers from Costco, sometimes topped with a half zip fleece and/or a nylon shell.

Pants..I have 4 different thicknesses of tights and a pair of nylon wind pants for the really cold days.

You didn't ask about socks, but they are actually the most important thing. Smartwool socks will keep your feet warm even when you step in a frozen slush puddle.

And hex head screws in your shoes will keep from slipping and cost a fraction of yaktrax plus they don't give you blisters. I get blisters with yaktrax if I run longer than 12 miles.

My first winter running, I spent about $500 on gear, but I am still wearing all of it 5 winters later. Winter running is not cheap. Cheap gear won't keep you dry and warm.

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11/9/12 1:48 P

What kind of gloves/hats/earmuffs/shirts/layers do you wear while running outside during winter? This is my first winter where I actually plan to continue running outdoors. Any input is appreciated.

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