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4/9/12 1:46 P

Where does it say on sparkspeople we should give up a item completely moderation is still the desired status quo- I leave cola to special occassions- while not the most healthy of beverages- it is better to leave it to special occassions than jumping off the wagon and into direct hell with alcohol having no alternative..
Having sweets now and again spikes the blood sugar and makes people crave more.. Many times people over do it in the evenings because they are over tired and the hormones that control appetite (Leptin) are used up so using moderation doesn't work as there is not enough Leptin to avoid overeating..

Vital need to know information go to bed if tired- leptin is a hormone that signals the brain that you are full we can only refill this baby by getting a decent nights sleep!
I also ask my family when out in the evening not to come home and make a huge noise, I am hungry if wake up and horrible pissed at the joker whom gets my attention.. Beside someone getting ill, die or divorced on the spot- my bed time is more holy than the bible itself..

If allowed to sleep through the night I am less hungry and can eat my breakfast as normal because leptin levels have had a chance to refill to status normal..

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4/9/12 1:22 P

A word of advice before I continue: Quit cold turkey on coke, and you're going to hurt. A LOT. Caffeine is an addictive substance, and because of this, your body has a dependence on it. When you quit cold turkey, your'e going to get an amazing headache, and you're going to have it for a WHILE. Excedrine migraine helps, as it has caffeine in it, but you may find it hurts a lot less to wean yourself off of the caffeine slowly.

I don't do well with cold turkey. Denial almost always results in my bouncing back and binging, so I've found that moderation is more important to me and my health. I deny myself very little, and when I do, it's only because I've looked at it and decided it wasn't worth it when compared to something else, so the desire goes away. That's only a recent development.

After almost 7 months of this lifestyle change, I see a huge difference... I'm down to very few cokes a day, and I'm getting to where I don't like to drink my calories anymore. I want food, and the more of that, the better. A coke means a snack I can't have later in the day. ;)

There's no right or wrong here... it's about your willpower and your needs... no more, no less

4/9/12 9:58 A

hey everyone:)
Thank you so very much for the replies!
1. I want to quit coke, as it has been present in my life too much.
Like, 4 bottles a day( on a good day)
I feel, once I can overpower this I can do anything :D.

2. On my food(dinner/lunch) I think I will try to keep it simple, but if someone cooks 'yummy' dinner/lunch I think I will have a good limited portion of that too.

3.Once again, thank you and lots of love


4/9/12 9:19 A

The better question is do you want to.
There are a lot of delicious foods in life, and I personally don't want to have to try to be determined to avoid it if someone brings in a plate of brownies to celebrate something at work, or whatnot. I find it hard to have willpower to say 100% no and keep that up, and a lot easier to say I'll have a bite/small reasonable portion.

I 'quit' things I don't care about cold turkey, like chips and soda. (I'll still have them if it comes up; I was at a baseball game with my brothers and my older brother bought us hot dogs and Cokes. Said thanks bro, ate my baseball-game-food, and enjoyed the event.) But nothing is "off-limits" in my diet, and I find I'm a) way less stressed about my diet that way and b) enjoying my food much more.

Primarily I fill up on the good stuff; veggies, lean protein, whole grains, etc. but I leave room in my ranges now and then for a few squares of dark chocolate, or that piece of birthday cake, etc.

I will say that once I started *limiting* my sweets, it became much easier to have less of them, because my body just didn't want that much sugar/sweet-tasting stuff. So that helped, too.

But it's about whatever works for you personally. If cutting things out cold turkey works for you then go for it. For me personally that wouldn't be sustainable and I'd probably suddenly eat like a bag of cookies, haha. But I know there are some people on this board that have had success cold-turkey cutting out sugar. So.. maybe experiment a bit?

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4/8/12 6:58 P

We're about 80/20 here, and it's been a gradual ebb and flow of what's allowable and not, where we yield.

It just matters if you can maintain whatever you set for yourself. We have so many limits, meeting them all would lead to missed meals. If even 10% allowance turns into 70%, then pick your battles.

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4/8/12 4:55 P

Much like a small child, I don't deal well with the word no. Limited, I can deal with. So I eat limited amounts of chocolate etc. Those mini chocolate bars are awesome, and I will have 1-2 a day to help with the craving.

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4/8/12 3:00 P

You have to do what's comfortable for you.
I never say never to anything. That just wouldn't work for me. However I don't allow myself to eat the "bad" stuff every day or even every week like I used to.

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4/8/12 2:45 P

Stopped cold turkey, after a week, for me i felt much better. Personally I find if I have alittle bit of sugar or sweets it just triggers the need for more

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4/8/12 2:41 P

I stopped them cold turkey. It hurts for the first week, after that it gets easier, and after a month you won't even miss them.

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4/8/12 9:59 A

My boyfriend and I made a list of all of the 'offending' things in our diet in December and quit them all, cold turkey, in a lump. No more convenience or fast food, no more frozen or ordered pizzas (they are convenience food of course), no more brownies, etc. We replaced it all with really nice and filling whole food and have worked to try daring new recipes to keep us interested. All I can say is for us it has totally worked.

Last night we walked by a by the slice pizza place on our way home from a concern and, as I was hungry (really was! I know that now), I considered getting a slice but instantly, in my mind, I could say no! I don't do that anymore! and it was over. I came home and had blueberries :)

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4/8/12 8:15 A

personally, if i decide i am not allow something anymore, i want it. as in i'll eat it even if i don't like it, just because it's something i am not supposed to have. prohibiting it makes it more appealing. i do better weaning myself off of things. it takes longer and i can't say "i haven't had x in y many days," but the appeal is just gone. and for me, choosing to not have it now counts for more than planning on never having it again, especially if it is something that i like. i can wait out something i like [and one of the results for the junkier stuff is i tend to like it less and less each time i have it].
so basically it comes down to you. if you can do cold turkey, that's great. if you can't, weaning yourself off is an option.

4/8/12 5:53 A

guys, is it better to leave sweets/sodas cold turkey or not?
I read in someone blog how she had not eaten chocolate since 170 days(not sure about the figure)

I feel like saying that exact thing...!

Also, what do you do to be determined and not fall off?
thank you x

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