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7/12/13 6:58 P

That facial mask sounds great.


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7/12/13 4:46 A

To get the most out of flax and other seeds, blitz them in a coffee grinder before adding to foods!

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7/11/13 4:41 A

A coffee grinder is great for making an oatmeal based facial mask too! Use the longest cooking oatmeal you can find. A little green around the edges of the flakes and a little husk in the mix is better yet; back in the day we found this in a brand called "Buckeye Old Fashioned Rolled Oats" that seemed to only come in 50/100 pound sacks.

Simply grind the oatmeal in the coffee grinder until it is a powder, or flour. (For some reason, coffee grinders work better than blenders and even food processors.) Now, you have the facial powder.

To use, put a mound of the powder in the up-turned palm of one hand. Mix in the hottest water your hand can stand until you have a stiff paste. Spread the paste on your face and let sit until bored or dry. Peel off into a waste basket and most definitely NOT into a sink or toilet. Use water to rinse off the residue and you are done.

This seems to gently defoliate while healing dry skin. This does grab oils off of oily faces. It often take the heads off of black heads and/or softens them so that the rest of your routine actually works. It doesn't dry the skin like many different face cleaners do.

Oh, and if you are a coffee grinder user for coffee beans...wipe out the coffee grinder as best as possible with a paper towel. There will be a residue but, it's not all that bad tasting in the coffee unless you're a purest.

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7/5/13 5:05 A

I watch Chef Meg tell of her favs in the kitchen and one was the coffee grinder. Why? Because you can grind whole spices! They are best fresh ground she says. I am from Missouri, the Show Me State, so it wasn't good enough for me to take her at her word that it would work. I actually found a coffee grinder (identical to Chef Megs no less) as I was reorganizing my cabinets. I ALMOST threw it out because we don't grind coffee. Thankfully I didn't. I sure enough grabbed a stick of cinnamon and proceeded to be Chef Kim. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! I was so excited! She also showed how to clean it up afterwards. Check out the video. It's a fun thing!

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