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2/16/13 12:09 P

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: No. But it might not be as bad for you as people used to think. For a long time they thought coconut oil was just about the worst fat for your heart. Now there's research that suggests that NON-HYDROGENATED coconut oil is not as bad for you as partially hydrogenated oils (like vegetable shortening), and probably no worse than butter, non-hydrogenated lard, and other animal fats. But the people who are going around saying it's as good as olive oil are selling it. The scientists who are studying it right now and are very excited about it still say that you can feel pretty safe using it as a replacement for butter or lard if you use those, but not in place of oils that we're pretty sure are healthy, like nut oils or olive oil. Nobody is saying that coconut oil is healthy (unless they're making money off of it); they're just saying that it *might not* be all that terrible.

And adding it to your diet as an extra thing, in addition to whatever oil you already use, will make you fatter, not thinner. It has over 100 calories per tablespoon, so you'd just be adding a whole bunch of calories.

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2/16/13 10:47 A

Ya know, I had the same question, my theory is no oil is necessarily good for you. I asked my friend, who is a nutritionist, what her take was... she agrees with my theory. Also, coconut oil doesn't necessarily help but it is a good alternative to other oils and marinades. Limited/controlled moderations won't hurt you, but can be a waste of calories (I'm perfectly fine with some good old fashioned, no seasoning, pan-seared chicken, so for me, it is a waste, I would rather eat something filling with the calories than just a flavor for my chicken). If you need a change in flavor, coconut oil is not a "bad" option, but, like I said, moderations is always the key.

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2/16/13 10:03 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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2/16/13 9:05 A

I have read that coconut oil helps with weight loss. Is this true?

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