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clothes that no longer fit.

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Posts: 2,205
7/27/13 7:21 P

Pass then along gradually as you replace the clothes.

Posts: 759
7/27/13 6:28 P

As I get smaller and my clothes get too big, I bag them up and we drop them off at a local charity that helps abused women and their children.

SparkPoints: (17,027)
Fitness Minutes: (15,546)
Posts: 307
7/27/13 5:06 P

the really good ones are waiting in a bag in the basement

SparkPoints: (47,469)
Fitness Minutes: (30,072)
Posts: 3,297
7/27/13 5:01 P

I kept all the too small clothes and am now wearing most of them again. (in fact some of the too small clothes are now too big). The clothes that are too big go to the charity shop as soon as I'm organised enough to take them. I've taken a couple of lots already. The next lot will probably go at the end of the summer.

SparkPoints: (46,079)
Fitness Minutes: (32,970)
Posts: 3,665
7/27/13 1:42 P

Managing my finances sensibly is important to me ... and I really can't afford to get a whole new wardrobe every time my weight goes up or down a size. I am really happy that I kept some of my smaller clothes as I gained weight because now I can wear them again. I only wish I had kept more.

As for the "too big clothes," ... I have decided to keep the ones I really like that are 1 size too big and a few favorites that would be hard to replace that are 2 sizes too big. I have donated most of the clothes that are 2 sizes too big and larger.

As much as I would like to think I will never be 1 size larger, I can't totally control my future. I might have injuries that hinder my exercise ...diseases/medications that promote weight gain ... etc. So I am prepared for that possibility. I have the bigger clothes packed away so that I can't reach for them easily and I hope that I could get control of any situation with a little time and effort so that I don't regain more than 1 size.

Posts: 4,054
7/27/13 1:22 P

I try to get rid of them as soon as I can!!

Posts: 119
7/27/13 1:20 P

I'm keeping my "fat" pants so I will have a reminder that I have to keep working on myself.

Posts: 2,074
7/27/13 11:30 A

I've kept those smaller clothes for years hoping that I would get back into them. Some of them are really outdated now. I still have a lot of weight to lose, but I've come to the realization that I can buy new and fashionable clothes when I get to where I want to be. With that, I'm working on getting through them this week and taking them to Good Will.

Posts: 36,859
7/27/13 10:41 A

a few months is all

Posts: 5,273
7/27/13 9:01 A

I keep them in storage. This time I think I will get rid of all the clothes that are too big because I am not back there again. I didn't have the right mindset or support group in the past when I lost weight that I do now.

Posts: 6,552
7/27/13 12:40 A

after a month off to goodwill they went.

Posts: 10,485
7/27/13 12:38 A

I keep them for a few months and then once I have a bag full I donate them.

SparkPoints: (27,903)
Fitness Minutes: (29,252)
Posts: 853
7/27/13 12:15 A

They go to goodwill

SparkPoints: (29,731)
Fitness Minutes: (25,679)
Posts: 1,677
7/27/13 12:01 A

I get rid of them asap! I have decided to not fail again so I won't ever need them. If my size 4s get tight I have to diet and workout and lose the weight. No buying bigger clothes ever again!

SparkPoints: (20,334)
Fitness Minutes: (12,586)
Posts: 218
7/26/13 11:14 P

If I had nicer clothes I might hang on to some of them - but frankly I've been wearing my maternity clothes for a few years now (argh) but thankfully they are all pretty much too big now, and I am ditching them right away :) Only I got rid of all my smaller clothing years ago, so I am going to have to break down and spend some money on clothes soon!
This will be good - it's a self-esteem thing. I have not felt in years like I really 'deserve' to have nice things since I wasn't taking care of myself. This needs to change for so many reasons.

Posts: 289
7/26/13 11:00 P

I don't know, this is first time I am losing substantial weight. So I will have to lose more till my cloths become unusable.

SparkPoints: (11,602)
Fitness Minutes: (13,387)
Posts: 27
7/26/13 8:15 P

Thanks for all of the feedback. I will hang onto the clothes a bit longer, since only dropped 2 sizes. Then I will donate them to charity.

Posts: 2,210
7/26/13 8:08 P

I hang on to them because I've gone up and down a bit over the years. I find it hard to find things that flatter my body type - shopping is a pain because of that (and other logistics), so I prefer to hang on to the clothes for the time being. That said, I desperately need to go through the closet and get rid of things that are just not even flattering at the best of times!

SparkPoints: (158,968)
Fitness Minutes: (37,284)
Posts: 26,369
7/26/13 4:16 P

I got rid of all my too big clothing after I reached my goal weight in 2007. Anything that still looked nice I donated to Goodwill. Knowing that I don't have larger sized outfits to fall back on is a great motivator to keep me on track; I am still maintaining my goal weight. Cleaning out my closet made me feel great!

SparkPoints: (55,486)
Fitness Minutes: (66,048)
Posts: 2,706
7/26/13 4:06 P

I try to get rid of anything that is more than one size too big so that I don't look schlubby. I did keep one very nice/expensive suit in my largest size (24) just as a reminder/for comparison. I'm now a 12/L.

I've had some luck selling old clothes at consignment stores, but that only works with the nicest things. Since my sizes have changed so much in the last couple of years, I haven't bought many nice things. Anything that can be cut up for rags (t-shirts, etc.) get made into rugs. Everything else has gone to Goodwill.

I find the purging cathartic.

Posts: 2,299
7/26/13 10:15 A

I'm sorry I gave away my THIN clothes. But, a couple years ago I finally had enough of looking at them... I was wearing size 20-22, it was just obnoxious to look at "that cute outfit I used to wear" in a size 10. "like i'll ever get there again." So out they went, except for a small handful of items I couldn't quite bear to part with, which went into a box in the top of the closet.

For the first time in years, I recently took down that box to see what had actually survived the culling. All the 8's and 10's are gone, but there's a few items in 12 and 14 that are "timeless" enough that I will still be able to wear them. Yeah, I wish I'd kept more.

I don't think i'll keep my 22'W's.

Posts: 1,775
7/26/13 9:55 A

Quite a while, seems I always gain some of the weight back eventually.

SparkPoints: (32,092)
Fitness Minutes: (24,881)
Posts: 34
7/26/13 9:53 A

I donate them as soon as they don't fit. I will not keep a bunch of clothes laying around that I just have to find a place to store.

SparkPoints: (37,061)
Fitness Minutes: (21,317)
Posts: 1,230
7/26/13 8:36 A

emoticon I gave away all my "fat clothes" once before and then sadly gained back all my weight. Had to buy all new clothes. I have kept the small sizes and finally I am back into 3/4 of what I have. The big sizes have gone in containers up in the attic. When I feel more confident that I have a handle on my weight issues I will donate all of them! emoticon

Edited by: LKS2GAB2 at: 7/26/2013 (08:36)

Posts: 881
7/26/13 8:31 A

Every season I do the clean out so I could keep something for a year without meaning to. I believe firmly in sending clothes that do not fit onto someone who can wear and enjoy them while they are in style.

SparkPoints: (52,071)
Fitness Minutes: (12,398)
Posts: 14,685
7/26/13 8:25 A

Keeping the "middle" sizes. Getting rid of the extremes. Lost 147 lbs. Got rid so many nice articles of clothing in all but the -147# size. Well you guessed it, I put more than half the weight back on and had to rebuy same sort of clothing. Wasteful!!! Certainly not worth the few dollars I got selling and/or donating the things I liked. Getting closer to that weight goal but not there yet. Hope the things I saved will no be too outdated if/when I get there again.

SparkPoints: (211,117)
Fitness Minutes: (87,276)
Posts: 11,561
7/26/13 8:04 A

I alter them as they get too big, so they always fit!

Posts: 9,680
7/26/13 5:53 A

After a few months

Posts: 3,378
7/26/13 5:45 A

Only as long as it takes me to remember to drop them off at Goodwill. As soon as I run across something that doesn't fit, it goes in the "Goodwill bag".

My thinking is this-- if I keep them "in case I gain the weight back".... well then I'm planning to fail. I'm just doing a diet and not really making a lifestyle change.

SparkPoints: (9,151)
Fitness Minutes: (4,418)
Posts: 278
7/26/13 5:28 A

I tend to keep them (I have jeans from freshman year of high school). I think when I go back home though I will go through my closet and get rid of most of it. The local second hand shop will be more then happy to take them.

SparkPoints: (61,224)
Fitness Minutes: (54,793)
Posts: 2,641
7/26/13 3:04 A


SparkPoints: (25,521)
Fitness Minutes: (5,577)
Posts: 437
7/26/13 12:39 A

I finally got rid of them.

SparkPoints: (14,432)
Fitness Minutes: (6,638)
Posts: 788
7/26/13 12:33 A

I get rid of them

SparkPoints: (34,996)
Fitness Minutes: (4,292)
Posts: 1,100
7/25/13 11:59 P

i dont, pass them on immediately, don't want it to be easy to go back in that direction.

SparkPoints: (216,505)
Fitness Minutes: (194,080)
Posts: 6,790
7/25/13 11:52 P

Not very long.

SparkPoints: (11,602)
Fitness Minutes: (13,387)
Posts: 27
7/25/13 11:15 P

I tend to keep them because I'm afraid that I will need them again.

Posts: 11,350
7/25/13 11:11 P

Give them to charity

SparkPoints: (11,602)
Fitness Minutes: (13,387)
Posts: 27
7/25/13 10:56 P

How long do you keep the clothes that no longer fit?

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