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7/18/13 5:41 P

I don't count a single calorie. Last year, I lost 40 pounds and didn't count a single one, and loved it! I do manage my portions, though.

Now, the weight came right back when I started eating junk again, mind you, but when I eat clean, no worries. The weight loss is slow and steady.

Good luck getting those last lbs. off!

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7/18/13 1:23 P

I still count calories. Even eating healthy foods if you don't watch portion control it is easy to eat too much calorie-wise.

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7/18/13 12:46 P

New to clean eating and counting calories...can't wait to watch the pounds drop off. GOOD LUCK ALL

5/30/13 6:14 P

Yes I still watch/count calories. It is still pretty easy to go over

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5/30/13 12:23 P

Congrats on your weight loss. You know it is always hard when you are trying to lose the last few pounds. Stay motivated, you can do it.

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5/28/13 1:32 P

yes I still count calories, if I don't I tend to go over without realizing it.

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5/28/13 12:49 P

You don't need a lot of money to get a good strength workout; a set of resistance bands will set you back about $15 for the Golds Gym brand at Walmart, and it'll go up to about 40-45 lbs (I haven't added them up lately.) They're just as versatile as dumbbells, moreso even, because you can use them anywhere and they fold down for easy transport and storage.

There's even a resistance band team here on SP, and a number of videos to get you started.

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5/27/13 11:30 P

Oh, then I would definitely recommend heavier weights/fewer reps. Your gym doesn't have a weightroom? Bummer.

You could try looking for some second-hand weights on Craigslist, at thrift stores and garage/yard sales, or even Freecycle.

BED0FR0SES Posts: 420
5/27/13 10:39 P

I'll check them out!

I intend on working with heavier weights (I only have 3 & 5s), but $$ is tight and the gym I go to actually only does group work outs that use lighter weights with heavy reps. It's on the agenda though, and maybe this will be the best motivator yet :)

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5/27/13 10:33 P

First, congratulations on losing 50+ pounds and keeping it off. That's wonderful!

I try to eat clean too, so your post really caught my attention. One thing that definitely helped me lose fat was increasing my strength training. I went from doing a lot of cardio to less cardio and more weightlifting. This, along with changing my diet (in the ways you've already done), helped me lose weight and fat. I like the New Rules of Lifting series by Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove as well as the Female Body Breakthrough by Rachel Cosgrove (yes, she and AC are married). That might be something to think about. Good luck!

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5/27/13 9:40 P

Your BMI is in the health range, so altho' it obviously isn't where you WANT to be, it may be where your body NEEDS to be.

Sometimes we can cut of our nose to spite our face, where it comes to this sort of thing. I would be more inclined to stay within your ranges, eat healthily and enjoy! If you have a little more weight-loss, fine, if you don't, then just accept that you are already a healthy weight.


KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
5/27/13 9:30 P


MYBULLDOGS Posts: 9,255
5/27/13 9:22 P

always. count calories every day

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5/27/13 5:31 P

Yay! I mainly thought of that because I recently had to do the same; my goal was July 2013. Fairly sure I'm not going to be losing 32 lbs in a month! Be sure and update very 10-15 lbs or so. It doesn't adjust automatically as you lose weight!

Here's to enjoying your food! That's one reason I love exercise... lets me eat more, and still lose weight. ;)

BED0FR0SES Posts: 420
5/27/13 5:20 P

Russell- I'm 5'8". I would say that I'm technically smaller than the average American woman (I'm a size 8/10, and I think the average these days is a 10/12), but I'm still struggling with my last problem areas. I like your point about how I've maintained for 2 years with this range, its comforting to know that I'm at least aware of my 'safe place'

Dragon- You may be spot on. I had my goal set for August, 2013. I just went back and used my sparkpeople helper to recalculate my new goal date based on how much weight I could lose a week, and it set me for February 2013, with 1500-1800 calories. Back when I first got my Spark, it used to tell you if your goal was unrealistic, I wish it still did that, could have saved me some time (and allowed me to eat more than 4 walnuts in my salad, haha)

Thanks! My new calorie range will make it worlds easier to eat those good fats and oils.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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5/27/13 5:02 P

If you're getting in the 1200-1550 range, I wonder what your weight loss goal was when you entered it. That's the minimum safety range, and a lot of times, when you still have a bit to lose but are still very active, you'll get thrown into that range if you've set a too-aggressive goal for yourself. A good rule of thumb is about 3% of your total weight loss goal per week. If you have 20 lbs to lose, that means you can aim for about 1/2 a pound a week or so. At 10 lbs to go, that drops to 1/4 a pound!

More than that will drop you into the safety range, because it's too fast, especially if you're exercising a lot. The problem is that Sparkpeople doesn't warn you if your goal's too aggressive!

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/27/13 2:51 P

How tall are you? You look slim in your pictures. I know we always think we can lose a bit more, but if you are tall, 158 isn't that heavy. Especially if you lift weights.

If you think you need to lose another 16, then you will have to just experiment a little, try up, then down, and maybe switch up some foods. Keep your current menus handy though, in case you gain. At the levels you are eating now, you have maintained for 2 years. So if you drop to 1400, and get to GW in 16 weeks, you will want to resume the way you are eating now, and maintain that weight. If you gain, you will want to drop back down also. It's always good to have a safe spot to reach back to, if things don't work out like you expect.

Hope everything works out for you.

BED0FR0SES Posts: 420
5/27/13 2:37 P

I haven't been losing any weight in two years now, for the most part. I fluctuate in a 3 lb range. Sometimes I'm told I'm not eating enough, other times I'm told I need to restrict even more. I started to have some seriously unhealthy self-esteem problems, so part of my switch to clean eating is that I want to focus on just being overall healthy, and not staring at the one indicator of health that is my weight. So while I am still trying to make my goal weight, I'm trying not to be paranoid about it. I mostly just want to make sure I'm doing it right :)

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/27/13 2:17 P

Calories always count, and your plan will be different than anyone else's, so stop comparing them. Count your calories, and then make your plan based on your results.

I see that you are down 46 lbs, while eating at the high end ( 1500 ). Are you losing rapidly? If you are dropping 2 lbs a week or more, then try 1600, and see if you are still losing. If not, let's say you are losing 1/2-1 lbs a week, then 1500 is perfect for you, and you are right where you should be. Don't mess with success.

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (83,703)
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5/27/13 1:14 P

re your calorie level:

"One website I went to last night said for my weight, age, and activity level, I need to be eating 1700-2300 calories, but according to sparkpeople its 1250-1500." Remember that Spark is targeting achieving your weight loss goal...was the other website? Or, was it targeting maintaining your current weight??? 200 calories/day can make a big difference over time!!

It sounds like you've done what many of us do...go backwards a bit, then plateau for a bit...
Have faith in what you are doing, keep making healthy decisions...your body will appreciate it!

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
5/27/13 12:53 P

During weightloss like now, I do try to keep track. In maintenance, I don't need to the same way. The cleaner I eat the more flexibility I have day to day.

BED0FR0SES Posts: 420
5/27/13 12:51 P

Thanks everyone for the input!

I guess a bit more on my background info: I've been stuck at my current weight for over 2 years now. I lost a bunch of weight over about 2 years, and then got incredibly stuck. I've used Sparkpeople the entire time. I lost 2 lbs when after the first month of eating clean, but then I went on vacation and back-sled a little, now I'm back to where I started. For exercise, I do pole fitness once or twice a week, go running 3-4 times a week, and at least once a week do weight training. I always have 1 day of rest.

I'm not at all considering going wild with my eating as far as calories are concerned, I just keep getting conflicting information regarding eating clean. One website I went to last night said for my weight, age, and activity level, I need to be eating 1700-2300 calories, but according to sparkpeople its 1250-1500. I'm just trying to be as mindful as possible about my health.

5/27/13 8:51 A

Ok my 2 cents.

Different types of foods are digested differetly by the body. 2/3 of the calories in protein are burned turning it into useable energy, leaving only 1/3 to be used or stored as fat. Where as only 1/3 of the calories in fat and carbohydrate are burned turning it into useable energy leaving 2/3 to be used or stored as fat.

So I am a clean eater who does not track calories. My diet consists mainly of vegetables, meats, fats and some fruit. I think because I eat this way I am able to tell when I'm full and stop when I'm satiated.

Food quality counts way more than people give it credit for, it's not all calories in, calories out. Healthy foods make healthy people. 100 calories of green beans will forever be better for the human body than 100 calories from brownies and both are processed and used differently to build the body even though they have the same calorie content.

OP - Your weight loss is amazing, whatever you are doing it is working, keep it up! emoticon

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
5/27/13 8:46 A

what results are you seeing? if you're eating a little over your ranges and still losing weight, then you are fine. keep in mind that it looks like you're about 20lbs from your goal, so you're going to be seeing numbers more in the half a pound a week range rather than 2lbs per week, but that is right where you want to be at that point in your loss.
if you're only maintaining or you're gaining, then you likely need to cut back and pay attention to the calories. keep in mind that cutting back doesn't necessarily mean cutting out, just eating less of. so it's not that you're going to cut out avocados, it's that you're going to stick to the serving size of 1/4 of the avocado. or if you already do that, make your portion 1/5 of the avocado. instead of having an ounce of walnuts, have 3/4 oz or .85 oz [or some other not a full ounce number]. if you were having 8 pieces, have 6 or 7 instead. try having a half slice of bread instead of a full slice. instead of using a Tablespoon of coconut oil to cook in, use 2 teaspoons. heck, try cutting back to 1 teaspoon. do the same with the fruits, either cut out a serving if you're already having more than 3 or have just shy of a serving, though these and veggies are probably the last places you should make the adjustments. for whole grains/seeds/beans, don't have a cup, have 7/8 or 3/4 cup instead. if you're having whole milk, have 7 oz instead of 8oz. none of these things are going to make a giant impact alone, but if you slightly scale back everything it will add up and should move you into a loss range if you were maintaining.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
5/27/13 8:23 A

in a word -- yes

Food, regardless, has calories, and I count it.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (246,581)
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5/27/13 6:03 A

Clean eating or not, too many calories results in weight issues.

I eat pretty clean but still have to keep a very careful eye on what and how much I eat.

I wouldn't be concerned with how much others eat and compare the exercise because everyone is different. Different metabolism, different age, different exercise, weight, height, age, gender (well, there are only two of the latter one - LOL!) All of these things can and do affect how our body reacts with weight-loss/gain. Also, certain medical conditions and/or medications can cause a person to hang on to weight, or to lose it very quickly.


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BED0FR0SES Posts: 420
5/27/13 12:21 A

Hey Sparkers!

I've been eating clean for the past two months. I've had a few set backs, but I'm mostly pretty dedicated. To clarify, my 'eating clean' = I try to only eat foods that only have ingredients from other whole foods, I target to eat mostly fruits and veggies and whole grains/seeds/legumes, but I also still eat some dairy (whole milk cheese, sour cream, eggs) and very occasional meat. I make almost everything at home.

So with all that being said, I've noticed that almost every day I hit the high point of my Sparkpeople calorie range (1500). I eat things like avocados, walnuts, whole grain bread and cook with coconut oil instead of FF margarine, so this doesn't surprise me, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

I've recently seen blogs of people eating clean, and they seem like they are consuming WAY more calories than me for less exercise (I make sure I workout 6 days a week, even if its just a brisk walk). For other clean eaters out there, do you focus just on eating unprocessed foods, or do you still adhere to Spark guidelines? If you do still stay within your range, do you have any tips?


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