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7/21/12 6:28 A

Love your attitude.

7/20/12 10:17 P

My children motivate me to eat healthy and exercise because I want them to grow up fit and healthy. I hope they will be fit, active, make healthy food choices.

I encourage them to try healthy foods and to try different exercises and sports to see what they like. Most kids now a days want to play on computer and game devices or watch TV. We need to get our kids off the couch, and take them hiking, walking, bike riding, skating, playing frisbee, caving, soccer, baseball, etc....

7/20/12 4:36 P

My oldest daughter who is 5, is a type 1 diabetic. Both she and her little sister have been asked to go through so much. My oldest deals with multiple shots, and blood sugar checks, and my waking her up at 1 in the morning to eat something. My youngest deals with having to play second fiddle, and sometimes the rules have to be different about snacks and food for the two of them because if big sister's medical issues.
Yet through everything they have to deal with on a daily basis they both stay so positive and are such wonderful young ladies. The amaze their father and I every day, and make us want to be better people and better parents.

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7/20/12 1:52 P

Both my children inspire and motivate me. First off, I like to think I did the same for them as they were growing up. I was in shape and active in all they did. I even took TKD with them. I encouraged them to succeed and to do their best in all they do, and they have. My son graduated last year from USD and is now a 2nd Lt. in the Army. My daughter is going into her Senior year and is in the AFROTC. They both have worked very hard to get where they are at and have done wondrous things. My daughter was always active and fortunate to be on her HS basketball team and has stayed fit all her life. My son had a spell through HS where he was not so active and still ate like a growing boy. He gained weight and got up to 220 lbs. Once he graduated and went into college and had his eyes on the military he pushed hard on his own and became a health food and exercise nut. He got down to a hard 165 lbs and is still around that area.

They motivate me, but the driving force that finally got me to redirect my 15 year downward turn was my daughter's planned marriage this coming January. I could not see myself at my condition walking my beautiful daughter down the aisle. So that is what drives me to get back in shape. Along with that too though is that I will continue on this path to further show my kids the proper way to age. Hopefully, some day I will inspire my grandkids and in turn, they will inspire me.

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7/20/12 10:59 A

do your children or grandchildren motivate u and how if ud like to share a small story

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