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Yes, clear out any goals you previously had!

The new tracker should reflect a calorie range that shifts every time you record a fitness activity. Unless your exercise is completely identical each and every day, you will find your calorie range shifts every day, in line with how much activity you performed on any specific day.

So. When you initially switch over, your calorie range SHOULD stay the same as it was or go down, UNTIL you've input an activity. And yet, sounds like yours went way up. That's what happened to me. I switched, and noticed that even though I'm listed as "sedentary" and hadn't input even one minute of exercise, my range shot up from 1200-1550 to 1700-something. I knew that couldn't be right! I went to the fitness tracker (which I had never previously paid attention to, since messing around with it for a day or so back in January) and discovered I had entered some random intention to "Strength train [x] times/week for [x] minutes per session" - the new tracker was picking up and accomodating this INTENTION even though I hadn't actually DONE anything towards fulfilling that fitness plan. I erased out this goal, my range went back to 1200-1550, i went for a walk, input the walk, my range went up a couple hundred calories, appropriately so for the intensity/duration of the walk. Whew.

I wish when we switched to the new tracker, the old goals would be re-set back to "factory settings" because i think there is the potential for many people to end up with an inflated calorie range due to quirks in old goal settings....

7/20/13 12:26 P

I am on the old tracker still, but others have said that you need to completely clear out your fitness goals for the new tracker to work, because if you have exercise scheduled in there, it assumes you're going to do it and adds it to your calories. I was only on the new tracker for a day or so before I switched back, and I didn't really notice that, but perhaps someone who has been playing around with the new tracker will be able to tell you more.

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7/20/13 10:39 A

Just curious if when I switched it kept my goal as weight loss as my calories went up tons when I charted excercise and want to make sure the range it gives me is , is still with my weight loss goals in mind. thanks for any help.

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