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HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
7/17/13 10:41 A

I think different things motivate different people...You have to do what works for you! Hang in there, everyone!

7/17/13 1:04 A

Expectations are premeditated resentments. Set results aside. Try to do just a little better each day and detach from outcomes. I often let how I feel things ought to proceed get in my way.

7/15/13 6:13 A

Exercise I do without fail (almost all of the time) because I have an amazing workout buddy! She is at my house by 5:15 every morning and we push play on a DVD. My husband helps keep me on track with nutrition, since we are on this journey as a family. I wish I could carry him with me 24/7! lol

I agree with all the other posts: baby steps will get you where you need to go. Pick a goal and work on it for a week, then add a new step for a week. You can totally do this! If you wanna buddy up for accountability, send me a message :) While I know you are strong enough to do this on your own, it's easier to keep making good choices when people around us help hold us up when we are weak. Yay for Spark Friends!!!!

You got this. I believe in you :)


MAYBER SparkPoints: (116,548)
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7/15/13 12:00 A

am very lax with the exercise go great for a few days and then it seems to be put on the back burner and do it only if have time or think about it
best wishes as you continue to find solution to motivate and inspire yourself to keep going
one day at a time

STARFISH0911 SparkPoints: (353)
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7/14/13 7:55 P

I often say motivation comes and goes but what gets you thru are determination and persistence..just pick one small thing like drinking all yr water and do that successfully for a day, then next day exercise for 10-30 minutes..just take a walk.On the third day track all yr food....just keep building one habit per day until you are doing all these things in the same day.Make a list of the reasons you want to lose weight and post it where you can read it often.Post a before pic of yourself on yr computer and an after pic if you have one.........this should inspire you.You can do it, get determined...good luck.

LTM234 SparkPoints: (7,689)
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7/14/13 7:25 A

I found this discussion while looking for motivation myself. Have a seriously ill family member and providing support has really derailed my healthy habits. It is disheartening how easily I have been able to get off course. Lots of goodies being brought over, lots of sitting around visiting and watching the scale creep up. I also got back to the SP site-I check it first thing each morning for a motivator with my coffee and then get out the door for 10 minutes. That little routine has helped more than anything. The 10 turns into more, sometimes a lot more; and once I get a little exercise in I feel more able make good food decisions. I agree with the other posts that suggest picking one small thing. For me it was exercising before the rest of my day got in the way, and I will add some of the other suggestions.

ZABOKA Posts: 35
7/12/13 12:14 P

Many thanks for your encouraging and kind responses.

I appreciate all the suggestions. As part of my weight loss process, I really want to engage this is a lifestyle change and work with a sustainable plan. I am also trying to pay more attention to my body's wants and cravings. I am thinking about approaches to both exercise and eating that I will enjoy and maintain, while contributing to better health. Thanks for reminding me to be patient while sticking to healthful objectives.

I'll keep you all posted, and please feel free to do the same!!

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CRABBYTHING SparkPoints: (12,988)
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7/12/13 8:40 A

It's a process. A learning time. You start to learn a new subject and get it perfect from the start. You learn, you make mistakes, you get better. Over time you make mistakes and then one day you find that you no longer struggle with that anymore.

Weightloss is not any different. You are learning new behaviours. You will make mistakes along the way. You forgive youself, make a plan, learn from it and move on. One day you will find that you no longer struggle with that one part that was so hard for you. You have grown and learned.

HAPPYMENOW58 Posts: 2,264
7/12/13 6:43 A

I hope you have found some great ideas on this thread! Hang in there, keep reading, keep sparking, keep tracking......DON'T GIVE UP! Giving up is the only failure........So....hang in...and keep us posted!

LIVELYGIRL2 Posts: 3,492
7/11/13 3:40 P

I hope you were and are encouraged at those who shared with you.

We all get this way at times. For sure. My experience is the longer you do whatever, the easier into a pattern than habit. They say it takes 21-30 days to do this. And it will develop emoticon sometimes we have to start over, make a new plan, or tweak it , to see what helps " You". emoticon emoticon

CHIRPGIRL SparkPoints: (14,005)
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Posts: 409
7/11/13 2:11 P

I thought I was reading my own post when I read yours:) I've been where you are so many times. For what it's worth, I've learned that logging onto SP daily helps...even if that's all I do; start (re-start) with a simple goal such as 8 glasses of water; 10 minutes of some kind of exercise (even if it's just a short walk); and, hanging in there works. Our levels of motivation wax and wane as the tides. We just need to know that this too shall pass and our energy will return.

Keep tracking and keep logging on. There's so much support here!! You can do this:) emoticon

MADLILA SparkPoints: (67,787)
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Posts: 183
7/11/13 11:16 A

Been there! First, don't be too hard on yourself. We are changing our lives and like a baby learning to walk we are gong to take a spill sometimes. But your post shows you've picked yourself up and kept going. You inspire me!!!!! emoticon

Find the things that work for you. If you need to scale back a little do so, but keep on going!!! emoticon

7/11/13 10:26 A

You know what, you said you weren't sure anyone could help but you just being honest and still getting on SP is a huge accomplishment. I know it's not what you want right now but just talking about it is better than what a lot of people are doing right now!
emoticon emoticon

7/11/13 10:07 A

Wow just seeing how much weight you have lost motivates me. Thanks for sharing :)

7/11/13 10:05 A

I'm in the same boat. I was on vacation last week and I gained a few pounds. All week I have been feeling sluggish and tired and have had a hard time motivating myself to eat right. I've eaten over my calorie range pretty much every day for the last few weeks. The good news is at least I'm exercising, but I'm a little discouraged. (Partly it's PMS.) The only thing I know to do is to ride out the difficult times and start over. Gid rid of the junk food in the house and get started again. I hope it improves for you.

TBOURLON SparkPoints: (15,843)
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Posts: 484
7/11/13 9:56 A

I'd say get some sleep while your at it - not enough sleep will make you sluggish, and there's evidence that sleep deprivation leads to overeating. I know it happens to ME alot if I don't get enough sleep. emoticon Wow, this talk is making me sleepy, LOL!

ZABOKA Posts: 35
7/10/13 9:12 P

thanks, everyone, for the encouragement and positvity.

so, i went for a walk. i left home feeling all grumbly and ache-y, but mid-way around the second lap (walking around a park), i was feeling pretty good!!

still kind of erring to the high side on calories, but generally, making good choices.

thanks, again.

FLUFFYBUNNY81 SparkPoints: (3,652)
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7/10/13 1:00 P

You can do it. Hang in there.

PERFECTVELVET SparkPoints: (61,080)
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Posts: 6,371
7/10/13 12:55 P

There is a great little quote that I like to read when I am feeling unmotivated:

"Just go. Getting out the door is always the hardest part."

Put on your headphones and go for a walk. Give yourself a destination if that helps. Go to a park if that helps. Just GO.


REBCCA SparkPoints: (336,557)
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7/10/13 10:05 A

Hello Zaboka,

Here is a good article on building consistency:

Revisit your goals and arm yourself with positive affirmations. Be in the moment and know each choice is an opportunity to move forward with you healthy lifestyle. emoticon

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,030
7/10/13 9:55 A

Well, you're motivated enough to still be on SP, so that is a good thing!!!

I would say pick a workout that you like, (ANY workout) and just start. Just get started. You will likely finish it, and feel great. Which will help you choose to eat better! Or do it the other way, choose to make wise choices, and your body being fueled healthily will make it easier for you to make good workout choices!

ZABOKA Posts: 35
7/10/13 8:47 A

hello all,

so, affter a long, weight gaining hiatus, i've returned to this site as an tool to assist with healthier living.

for the first two weeks, I was motivated and did well: tracking, staying within calorie and nutritional limits, drinking water, exercising. then, i had to go out of town - i knew that being as regimented with the program would likely not be feasible, and I fell out of the habits. This week, I am back home, but having the worst time sticking with things. I've been unmotivated, and am having trouble sticking with my goals (weight loss and otherwise!).

i haven't exercised, can't seem to motivate myself to do so. i've gone over my calories, for the last three days, and am concerned that my weight loss plan will soon be disregarded. i'm also having trouble with water consumption, and getting rest. Really, this week, just a mess!!

I have managed to keep tracking, but when i look at my tracker, i become very disappointed with my performamce this week.

not sure anyone can help with this ... just needing to vernt, i guess. it's as though i'm demotivated, impatient, bored, etc. with all this .... still committed to trying to be healthier, but not really feeling the discipline that it requires. almost feels like self sabotage, not sure why.

hopefully, i'll see an improvement soon, blah. thanks for reading, and sorry for being such a drag this morning!

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