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KATHIES518 Posts: 472
8/24/12 3:30 P

What a creative use of cauliflower -thanks for sharing!

8/24/12 10:22 A

This sounds delicious! I love making eggs with cauliflower so this is another great way to use the tasty vegetable! Thanks for sharing :)

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
8/21/12 6:12 A

You sound like a pro to me! emoticon

Thank you so much for sharing the cooking method with me. I want to make it soon! It sounds so delicious. I love cauliflower so I KNOW I'm just going to love making this. Will be nice to be able to use it as a base (so I can put meat, etc on top of it) instead of just having it plain on the side.

emoticon emoticon

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8/20/12 7:02 P

Audreyuk, I found this by using google search after seeing the recipe in a magazine..but its really easy, all you do after washing your cauliflower is cut it into florets and then place it in a food processor or blender and chop down in little pieces kinda like the size of rice. You can chop the whole thing or just what your gonna use. when you have desired amount place in skillet with a bit of fat free low sodium chicken broth. then chop up some fresh cilantro, green onions and add to the pan (use desired amount) also add some spices of your choice. I used garlic and onion powder...cover and let simmer till sort of dry stirring frequently. Just get creative as to what you add to it. This was my first time making this dish so I am no pro.

AUDREYUK Posts: 631
8/20/12 12:51 P

That sounds delicious!!! emoticon

Could you share the link or recipe?


LINAMARIE64 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 268
8/19/12 9:49 P

wow I have to share that I had seen a recipe on the internet about cauliflower rice and how to make.. well I did it today to go with some k-bob's my honey grilled and let me tell you folks that was such a big hit... I seasoned mine with cilantro, garlic, added some chives and onion powder and omg it was great! I always feel left out when I prepare rice as a side dish for my family but now I know what to do....

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