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I highly recommend t-tapp for you. It is extremely rehabilitative. The t-tapp MORE workout (for people with MORE issues) can be done in a chair. I currently have a torn meniscus (cartilage pad) in my knee. I got it a couple months ago. I'm having susrgery on it this coming Tuesday. Anyway, I've been t-tapping from a chair this entire month in spite of being off my knee. I'm down 13 lbs total (3.6 in just the last 3 days since starting sp) from doing nothing more then t-tapp MORE workout. 20 minutes a day. From a chair. Also down 17 inches now over all in the past 4 weeks. Building some nice lean muscle too and haven't lifted a single weight.

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I would also say a boxing-type exercise is your best bet. It you can balance yourself sitting on a yoga ball, you can adapt almost any kickboxing video to a sitting position. You will have the strongest core if you do that most days of the week, and your arms will look amazing, too :)

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Me, too! On May 22nd I had a compound fracture of my tibia and 4 fractures of my fibula. I had surgery and have a rod and screws in my leg. I am on bed rest until I see my surgeon for the third time post-op at the end of June. I feel like I have gained weight (can't stand on a scale so don't know for sure).
I found a great workout called "Chair Boxing" that I do every other day that helps.

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Did you get any physical therapy? I had PT while my leg was broken and did everything they told me. Lots of ankle weights and leg lifts. My muscles atrophied very quickly and I had to work at getting them back. The PT was a godsend.
So ankle wts. or bands and lots of leg lifts to work all the leg muscles.

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You'd need to belong to a gym or have access to a boat, but rowing works for someone with a broken leg.

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What did your doctor say you could do ? Ideally, you should listen to your doctor. if they say no exercise, you really shouldn't exercise. You do risk re-injuring your leg if you do.

If your doctor gives the okay, why not walk on your crutches ? Oddly enough, walking on crutches is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

You can also do upper body strength work while your lower body heals. If you check out the SP fitness section, there are many exercises you can do while sitting in a chair.

Increase your lean muscle. muscle burns fat. the more lean muscle you carry, the more efficient your body will be at burning fat.

however, check with your doctor first. don't rush into exercise or you'll end up layed up for a longer period.

10/29/09 12:24 P

I am on the mend from a broken leg. what are ways to get cardio in right now? things like running, skating and biking or anything that puts a too much pressure or quick movements on my leg is out of the question. walking is very slow, do i don't really get my heart rate up.
i also don't belong to a gym.
any suggestions?

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