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4/7/13 8:36 P

I had a knee replacement in October and the other planned for June. I understand the problem with exercise. I was gaining weight sitting and eating for years in pain but last year had to have physical therapy and just kept on moving. (I hired a personal trainer at the gym to get me headed in the right direction after the PT.) I used the seated videos here on SP soon after my surgery! Still do some as I have them in my favorites and they are short. The PT recommended the recumbent bike like I had used with him and it really helps. I started with a little folding peddle machine that I got at walmart for $25. (Neighbor is using it now) Everyone says to walk but I can't stay on my feet that long without pain. I can't do the whole walk a mile video yet. I swim at least three days a week and do water zumba. The Zumba teacher said that the regular version she teaches has too much twisting and did not recommend it. She is starting a Zumba Gold this summer which is for older, bigger, or injured people. I just today tried the Sweating to the Oldies 2. It was ok but I have exercised a year now so I'm doing better. I had to sit twice and modified the leg stuff. I did much less stepping and more just some little leg bending etc but it was mostly arm stuff anyway, no impact. (missed three exercises because it took me so long to get on the floor) Good luck to you!

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4/7/13 7:36 P

I need a partial knee replacement in both knees and have started yoga. My knees feel so much better!
Good luck and don't give up!

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4/7/13 7:33 P

Yes definitely zumba! I have severe arthritis in my knees and zumba is perfect. You can go as hard and as high impact as you want!

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4/7/13 7:24 P

I do not suggest the T-Tapp videos. My knees killed me the next day after trying that. I simply cannot do those exercises the way she tells you to. I have used the Walk Away the Pounds but I just don't seem to stick with something. I need some resolve to get myself motivated!

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4/7/13 7:03 P

I have Osteoarthritis and Patella Femoral Syndrome in my knees so I just stick to the elliptical. I can get a great workout and make it as challenging as I want with no pain! And the less I weigh, the less they hurt :)

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
4/6/13 8:42 P

Leslie Sansone is good for those with dilapidated knees, as several have mentioned. I also like Ellen Barret's low impact workouts.

A couple others have mentioned Collage Video and I'm glad to know I'm not their only fan on here. I love their previews as well as their return policy. They're a great resource!

YANKEEGAL16 Posts: 1,480
4/6/13 6:13 P

I have arthiritis in my right knee & hip so I do Leslie Sansone walking tapes/dvd's workouts. They are low impact & whenever you can't do something, just walk in place. The idea is to keep moving - there are no lunges/squats that you have to do because I can't do anything like anymore. She has a lot of workouts available & you can find her whole collection on Collage - you should check it out. I have been doing her workouts for years.

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4/6/13 5:06 P


Zumba might be a good option for you. Zumba is a low impact Latin dance type of workout. there is a DVD and many gyms offer it as a class. The Walk Away the Pounds DVDs are a good choice too.

Ever considered belly dancing ? Also low impact and a great form of exercise too. also, let's say you have Jillian's 30 Day Shred. I know she does jumping jacks as part of her routine. Well, what you could do is skip the jumping jacks and substitute another type of exercise that doesn't hurt your knees. march in place or do modified jacks where you just do the upper body part of the jack while the lower body steps side to side.

Many DVD workouts provide levels. If you have a DVD that doesn't provide different levels for say beginner, intermediate and advanced, then you make a substitution where you need it.

ZIGFISH Posts: 1,459
4/6/13 1:00 P

Leslie Sansone's videos are also on Youtube. You could see if you like it before buying it there too.

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4/6/13 12:27 P

Thank you! I will check her dvds out and the site. Never even thought of looking a the library to find/try out exercise dvds-great tips.

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4/6/13 12:22 P

Most of the DVD's by Leslie Sansone involve only walking in place or taking 1 or 2 steps to the left or right. They are very gentle and work well for most people. She has a numerous ones you might want to consider. I suggest previewing them on a site that offers free previews (such as ... or perhaps checking one out from your local public library ... before buying.

You also might want to look into something involving yoga or pilattes. If you think you can't do those things because your knees are too bad, watch this online video. It's well-worth the 5 minutes of your time.

Good luck!

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4/6/13 11:37 A

Can anyone recommend any DVDs out there that are good for the beginner/intermediate that have lower impact on the knees? Most I've seen involve a lot of squatting and bearing weight on the knees. THANKS!!

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