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NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
11/17/12 12:04 P

If you really want to know the exact numbers you are working with, click on full nutrition info for every item that you are eating. That is where you can see the decimal places and see if it is fiber or other carbs or exactly where the rounding error is coming from.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
11/17/12 11:39 A

Yes, you are correct. It is under add Nutrients off your food trackers. That makes sense. I would count things that have 1.4 grams of carbs as 1 gram, so it is a few tenths here and there. It's still below my 40 net carbs, so it's okay.

Does this mean my fiber is being over-counted, and instead of 15, is closer to 12 g?

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11/14/12 8:57 P

I'm a carbophobic....But I ate whole bread this week and still lost weight.

11/14/12 8:44 P

I imagine you have selected "another nutrient to track"; and have added "carbs (for low carb dieters)". Would this be a correct assumption???

This option is nothing new; in fact it has been an SP option for many, many, many years.
I think it subtracts fiber (I don't think it subtracts sugar alcohols). So perhaps the few gram difference is just those decimals. A .5 here and a .5 there can add up to 4 grams for the day.

Does this sound reasonable with what you are seeing in your tracker??
SP Dietitian Becky

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11/14/12 4:08 P

Where might this new carb counter be? I looked all over the My Nutrition page and didn't see it.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
11/14/12 4:05 P

Rounding errors. Let us say you are eating three things with ten carbs and four things with five carbs. Odds are they are not plain 10 and 5. Your 10 might really be 10.3 carbs and your 5 might be 5.4 carbs. So those three 10.3 carbs add up to a full extra carb and the four extra .4 add up to 1.6 extra carbs, which rounds up to 2, bringing the total to three of your four hidden carbs. Figuring that you fiber got rounded up too ( a 7.6 and a 6.6 would do it) and there is your final missing carb

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11/14/12 3:58 P

I haven't seen this new thing either... *off to see*

FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
11/14/12 3:20 P

I must have missed that--will have to check it out. Sorry I can't answer your question though Russell.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
11/14/12 2:34 P

I have 50 grams of carbs to eat today, and 15 are fiber. By my calculation this is 35 net carbs. The new carb counter from SP on My Nutrition page says 39 carbs..

Why the extra 4 carbs?.. Is some of the fiber counted since it is soluble, or is there another reason?

I must also congratulate SP on adding this feature. I know it isn't the diet they would recommend, but if people are going to eat this way, any help is appreciated.

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