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7/17/14 9:16 A

To be honest some of the different twists on lower carb seem like a pain to me.

Carb cycling tends to happen naturally if you let it, say you had a big workout and then you're hungrier and eat some extra carbs immediately following, type of thing.

Another one I heard of yesterday was carb backloading, only eating carbs at dinner and keeping carbs under 20g for the rest of the day. I ask why? Why would a regular person need to go to this extreme to achieve results?

The answer is, that while that kind of thing may work for the few who are looking to lose the last couple pounds and get really cut, most people don't need gimmicks and tricks like those.

All you need to do is choose healthy carbs at meals and snacks. Eat most of your carbs as vegetables and fruits. Beans, legumes and low sugar dairy are good sources of carbs as well. If you can do gluten, a high quality bread like a sourdough, wholegrain rye would be a good choice as well, just don't go overboard on the bread, breads have a lot of calories and if you eat too much you wont have room for those nutritious vegetables and fruits.

I hope that helps.

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/17/14 5:52 A

I follow Atkins, but if I stick to 50 grams of carbs a day for a month, my weight loss slows, and if I eat 100 grams one day, and go back to 50 grams, it speeds up again.

Also, Chris Powell from the Extreme Weight Loss show does it for his people to lose 100+ lbs, and he has a book that you can probably find for free in your library, or probably have with your research.

I have lost well on low carb, but I think we are still finding out HOW to do low carb, since it is a manipulation of our body chemistry, and carb cycling may be a way to do low carb better. It certainly works for his clients.

The best way to find out is to give it a try for 3 months, and see if it fits you. Tell your doctor, and see if they have any recommendations, or tests they want to run periodically to make sure it is safe. This may give you peace of mind also.

My tests all were wonderful, and I am past 5 years on low carb. I started it because I had CHF, and my heart is stronger, and I exercise 5 days a week for about 90 minutes, plus lost 1/2 my body weight. Still, many diets work, but only if we do them correctly, so research, and help from doctors/dietitians always helps. I did not have that benefit, because my doctor were anti-low carb, but they love my results, and are now supportive of low carb, as long as it is permanent. At 30, I was on oxygen, and now I am walking 10-12 miles a week, and leg pressing 500 lbs. with ease.

Good Luck with this. Make sure you are ready, and then stick to it, and see how your weight, health, and testing improves in 3 months, and then re-confer with your doctors, and determine if you want to continue this way.

NOFEAR2014 Posts: 15
7/16/14 9:42 A

I have been researching carb cycling and it seems like a good option. I have been reviewing my food logs and I take in way to many carbs. I know we need carbohydrates for energy which is why cycling seems decent as you do have carbs everyday. I am just wondering if anyone has done it and had success.

Thank you!!!

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