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4/5/13 11:39 A

If you have a good blender or a Magic Bullet type device, you can add frozen fruit to your protein shakes to add fruit. I do a chia seed shake with a cup of frozen tropical fruit or a banana (or both). It's really tasty and gives protein and carbs.

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4/5/13 10:34 A

I am lactose intolerant so have to be very careful about any milk products, hence the almond milk and silk :D. I normally do eat more fruit in the form of berries, I am a berry junky but I have a horrible cold this week and not wanting to eat them. I find it really hard to get to the recemmended carbs. I eat bread and tons of bananas most days. About once a week I meet my range of carbs. I am always up on fiber generally around 30 ish sometimes over. Thank you coach Nancy for that article. It has some great tips! I have some ideas to add little bits here and there. Sometimes though I find that I plan out a great day for meals and can't seem to eat all the food, then I feel over full and disappointed that I feel like I pigged out lol! My appetite is smaller then my eyes so to say. I will try adding somethings here and there (deviled eggs in that article sound awesome as I had my fair share at easter!). My weight is 209 this morning. Is there a place I am suppose to update my caloric range etc that I am not doing? Or am I in the right range of 1500-1850. I will continue to aim for that 1500 mark as I know when I am eating I am losing! To funny how that works, I think I was always starved and holding onto everything I ate before Sparkpeople. Thank you ladies for the suggestions and moral support!

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4/5/13 8:42 A

It's super important to eat carbs with all that protein as well, because carbs are what help you absorb the protein. I'd suggest you add some dairy.

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4/5/13 1:16 A

Hi Christine,

While I am not a RD or nutritionist, looking from your meal plan, you do seem to be lacking in veggies, fruit and whole grains (not too sure if by choice such as you following a paleo pr primal diet) however, while protein is important in our diets, too much of even a good thing, can lead to dietary imbalances. Your body needs carbs and your body needs healthy fats. And what many people fail to realize that an adequate amount of carbs is what allows us to burn fat and are essentially for fueling your workouts Know too that your body needs these carbs for fiber, as well as adequate vitamins and minerals from these sources offer that a multivitamin can't make up for. SparkPeople recommends at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies in the beginning, but in reality that number should closer to 9-11 servings for most people.

Remember too that eating less than your body needs for basic biological functions may actually slow your weight loss progress down--

Below is a link that I highly recommend that you read--lots of good information as well as other related articles located below it.

Coach Nancy

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4/4/13 11:12 P

I try and eat things that have to be made or single ingredients like fruit/veggies. My low range is 1500 my high is 1800. I only manage to get to 1500 maybe on a weekend. I eat all three meals and 2-3 snacks. I measure everything. I work out an hour every other day in the least. I notice when I am eating in the 1200-1400 I plateau for a time and if I push to get to the 1500 I seem to lose a bit. I am not to worried about instant weight loss just healthier living. But I am having an issue to hit that 1500 and I am NEVER anywhere near the carbs!!!! Todays meal.

Oatmeal dry 1/2 cup
Almond Milk 1/2 cup
Brown sugar tsp unpacked
Cinnamon tsp
Silk Coffee Creamer 4 tablespoons (yeah I know Im a coffee addict!)

Eggs 2
Protein shake mix
Almond milk 1c

3 Pork bbq ribs (4oz) homemade sauce and season
mixed salad
homemade blue cheese dressing 1tsp
carrots 1/2 cup

Nice and Natural Granola bar
Hummus 2tbsp
Pita bread slice

Calories 1416
Carbs (a high day for me ) 116
Protein (lower day for me ) 71

I feel like I am constantly eating and always full. Usually I eat more fruit but I have a cold and wasn't in the mood today. Without the protein shake I would have been under the protein needed so I opted for that at lunch (very filling). Im wondering if sparkpeople has my tracker set to high? or even what kind of things I could eat that would be more calorie dense ( eat peanut butter often to). Thanks :D Christine

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4/4/13 10:20 P


You are given a calorie range from SparkPeople--so is the bottom part of your range 1500 or is that the top part of your range? How much are you working out and what type of activities are you doing? One symptom of overtraining is loss or change of appetite.

Remember eating less does not always mean faster weight loss--when our bodies do not receive enough calories to support basic biological functions (fighting off illness, growing new cells, regulating body temp, blood pressure, heart rate, etc), the body begins conserving the calories you are eating in order just to survive.

If you can provide us with a little more info that may help us, help you.

Coach Nancy

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4/4/13 9:42 P

This is definitely more of a question than an answer .... I'm hoping that Erica or another well-educated reader might answer it!

If she has already lost 42lbs towards her goal of 130lbs (on her ticker...), is there a chance that her optimal calorie range for continued loss needs to be re-assessed? Perhaps she doesn't need to be at 1500 calories a day to be working on a healthy steady weight loss?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!!

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4/4/13 9:13 P

It might help us make suggestions if you turned your trackers onto public so we can see what you're eating already. Also, what do you you define as "eating clean" because I know a lot of people have different definitions of the word. :)

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4/4/13 8:47 P

I am really struggling to get to my caloric goal of 1500. Today I ate like a pig and still was almost 100 under!!! We eat unprocessed and as much natural and organic food as we can. I ate a crap load and even splurged on ribs but my appetite isn't overly large and the other foods are overly healthy. I even have two protein shakes a day to up the cals. Can anyone offer suggestions? I should be skinny lol and yet here I am 27lbs lost and still another 40ish to go!!!

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