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4/16/14 8:21 P

I too agree about getting a complete physical.

I see that you have only been with Sparkpeople for 4 days---so how do you know if your program is working or not?? Can you share more about what you are doing?
What is your Sparkpeople calorie range and your typical daily intake. Can you share these numbers. Sometimes we can also get hints by looking at your nutrition tracker. For us to see your tracker, you need to make a Sparkpage and then set your nutrition tracker to make it public. Let me know if you need help with this.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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4/16/14 1:31 P

Fire - I agree with the previous posters...time to get to the doc for a full workup, if you haven't done so lately. Once you get a diagnosis (or at least some answers), ask for a referral to a registered dietician, one who specializes in ___________ (fill in the diagnosis you get). They'll be able to help you figure out what to eat, when, quantities, etc.

Just don't give up, OK? Every pound you lose, no matter how long it takes, will be leading you to better health.

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4/16/14 1:23 P

you should get full blood work to see if its any of that if it is then you can get help

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4/16/14 12:57 P

Have you discussed insulin resistance, your weight, thyroid problems, etc., with your doctor?

I share your frustration with diets and losing weight. The doctor's advice is a good place to start.

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4/16/14 12:50 P

im getting frustrated at me not losing any weight. I have tried a bunch of diets and weight loss methods and nothing has worked. im 335 pounds and 6' tall. the scale won't budge. what is the real reason for my plateau is it: insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, or something else entirely. please help me with this problem, it is greatly appreciated.

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