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KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (112,563)
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12/6/13 12:35 P

You may try clearing your cache/cookies to see if that helps at all.

Be well,

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KKKAREN SparkPoints: (229,734)
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12/6/13 11:29 A

Mine has been working fine, this is really the wrong place to post this though. You should post in on technical questions.

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (45,060)
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12/5/13 11:39 P

Food tracker has been fine for me. The log on streak counter hasn't worked right for me since the upgrade.

DRODRIGUEZ3750 Posts: 30
12/5/13 10:18 P

The site was acting weird last night with pages not loading but seems ok today.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (24,700)
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12/5/13 10:01 P

I have tried all day to get on the favorite foods in my nutrition section any one having trouble?

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