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9/5/13 6:59 P

It would not be medically safe or appropriate for this site, our members or our experts to provide answers to your question. This is a medication and food interaction concern. Please contact your doctor's office.

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9/5/13 6:51 P

I'd talk to your physician about this....

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9/5/13 6:36 P

My PCP prescribed 40 mg Diovan ( start dose is usually 80m) and in three weeks I have finally tolerated 10 mg. (recommended starting dose is actually 80 mg!) My bp has returned to normal..sometimes below normal. I have been eating high potassium foods and using salt substitute. (potassium).

Now I read that high potassium foods and salt substitute are NOT recommended while taking this med.
My SparkPage recommends 4500-6000 mg of potassium.
I'm quite confused and a bit anxious as the warning is for potential heart failure if potassium in blood gets too high.

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