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7/25/11 10:18 P

Thanks !

7/25/11 7:13 P

You county cooperative extension service will probably have a wealth of information in this area. And they can be very beneficial in knowing your growing seasons, conditions, and harvesting, preservation needs. You may want to give them a call. Many offer classes to the community too.

Dietitian Becky

7/25/11 4:16 P

Thanks for the reply. I live in the south, so I can grow pretty much any fall vegetable. As for freezer space, I have very little. After thinking about the health risks of canning, I think I am just going to get a dehydrator.

7/25/11 4:14 P

Thanks for the reply. Like you said , I would have to learn how to can, buy the equipment, etc. Since I don`t want to worry about whether or not I canned something properly, I better just stick to getting a dehydrator. Any suggestions on a brand ?

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7/25/11 2:10 P

I use a dehydrator on veggies that I have a surplus. I dehydrate peppers, chillies, cabbage, fruit and most veggies. I don't can anything because I am not sure how to do it. In the canning process if not done right, things can go south very quickly. I also make my own yogurt and cheese. But the cost of the canning is something, I am not interested in shelling out for at this time.

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7/25/11 2:07 P

It really depends on what you are trying to preserve. Some things can be dehydrated with great results, but other not. Some things are easy to can, but others are difficult to can at home without health risks (tomatoes, for example). You didn't mention freezing . . . that is actually the easiest method of preserving food because it doesn't require any special equipment.

What kind of things will grow in your area in cooler weather? If we knew that, we could offer more specific advice.

7/25/11 12:30 P

Hello. I wanted to start a garden this spring but was unable do to health reasons. I am better now, and I am thinking of starting a fall garden. I could save money on veggies, and HOPEFULLY set aside some for future use / hard times. My question is , which method should I choose to store my extra produce - should I buy a dehydrator or should I learn how to can ? I know very little about either method . Thanks !

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