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Drinking water doesn't have any direct connection to weight loss. However, you can sometimes confuse hunger and thirst signals, and some people find that drinking a glass of water can help break a routine of when they would normal snack, which can lead to lower calories overall.

There is no one set amount of water you should be drinking. Summer v winter makes a big difference to your fluid requirements, as does the intensity and duration of exercise.

7-8 glasses is probably more than you need in winter, but may well be a reasonable intake in summer.

Yes, it is possible to drink too much water, as it dilutes down essential body salts too low. Although you really need to be drinking a gallon or two of water for this to occur.


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1/18/14 10:43 A

Yes to both too much and too little. If you drink too much, then your body has a hard time flushing it out. It's hard on your kidneys. It has something to do with the ions or something in your body. It's been so long since I've been in chemistry. The amount of water that would be too much depends on your activity level. I think more people are more likely to not drink enough water (or any kinds of fluids) during the day.

I am moderately activity and I have trouble getting 8 cups of any kind of fluid during the day, especially water.

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1/18/14 10:02 A

9-10 cups per day isn't excessive, especially if you're exercising. Try sipping it throughout the day instead of drinking a cup at a time, for example, and see if that helps with the nausea. If it doesn't, it's okay to decrease the amount you're drinking if you feel like you don't need that much. A good test is to check the color of your urine. If it looks like you squeezed a lemon in it, it's probably okay. Any darker, and you might want to drink a little more.

Coach Jen

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you can most definitely drink too much. See hyponatremia.

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too little definitely

too much - I don't think so

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I think I drink too much, it has become a habit. But I also have the habit of going to the bathroom too often.

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1/18/14 9:05 A

It is possible, although difficult, to drink too much water, and it's definitely possible to drink too little water.

Is the "cup" that you are referring to an actual 8 oz? Almost all the drinking glasses or cups or thermoses I own actually hold between 16 fl oz and 32 fl oz. So, if you are drinking three 16 oz cups, you could be getting enough water, and 9 of those cups would definitely be too much!

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1/18/14 8:10 A

For the last two days I've only drank 3 cups of water each day. I don't think that's a good thing for weight loss. However prior to that i was drinking 9-10 glasses per day and I was had started to feel nausea after drinking.

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