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Everyone harps about how much water you need to drink...And they're right, drinking water IS important...But they forget to mention that TOO MUCH water is also not good! 8 glasses shouldn't be too much but maybe spread it out more. If you feel too full, your body is telling you that's too much water. You should just feel satisfied. :)

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10/22/12 12:09 A

The 8 glass thing is a guideline, and it won't work for everyone. Do you drink tea or coffee or juice? Those count towards your water intake too. Do you eat a lot of fruit and veg? They are full of water. 8 glasses could be too many for you. Drink when you are thirsty and try to make water your first choice.


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10/21/12 10:36 P

I agree with you starting with your sodium intake. If things don't improve see your doctor.

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I have read various viewpoints pertaining to this and it does seem that one can over hydrate. As to how much a particular person can drink, I'm not sure. I figure it would have to do with various factors besides size of person. I never used to drink much at all until I started this plan here. Now I make sure I drink 8 cups per day and stop by 6pm. It seems to work fine for me.

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10/21/12 9:54 P

Check your sodium levels. I drink 12-15 glasses a day of water, but when I have a lot of salt, I feel heavier, until I can get rid of the water weight. By limiting your salt, the water will pass through your body in a normal fashion, and you won't have this issue.

Remember.. 8 is the MINIMUM. Water flushes out the toxins of the body. It may be another reason besides sodium, but water is a good thing.

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10/21/12 9:46 P

I am been having problem with water intake. I usually take 8 glass of water but I feel heavy after intake. What could be the problem?

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