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7/17/09 8:48 A

welll i didn't have the popcorn last night. and now i woke up and didn't go to the bathroom at all!!
maybe it's not the popcorn?
i dont know. i just had some kashi autumn wheat with 6 grams of fiber per serving. hopefully THAT will get thiings moving :(

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7/17/09 1:04 A

Perhaps once you feel normal again, try having just 1 cup that night then increase gradually till u start to till bloated etc again. Then at least you know when to stop or if its really causing the problem :)

7/17/09 12:23 A

I have a bag of 100 calorie popcorn every night and do not have any problems... so I would have to say no!

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7/16/09 10:15 P

The added fiber can make you feel bloated...make sure you're drinking plenty of water.

7/16/09 8:59 P

i dont know- i REALLY dont want to give up my snack because i love to munch and popcorn fits the bill quite nicely..haha
and its so yummy. i would be really upset if i couldnt eat it anymore :(
im trying to figure out if im experiencing problems due to stress or a food...(popcorn)

ITGIRL74 Posts: 599
7/16/09 5:10 P

Popcorn has always been irritating to my digestive system but usually caused the opposite of constipation (sorry). Now that I have diverticular disease, I avoid it like the plague. I'm sure you don't have to avoid it, but I wouldn't recommend that anyone eat 5 cups every day, especially if it's making you uncomfortable!

If it's really bad, I would recommend calling your doctor. Otherwise, lay off the popcorn for a couple of days until the rest of it leaves your system, then add it back in slowly and see if your symptoms return. Food sensitivity is often a matter of trial and error.

7/16/09 5:05 P

or cause you just not to be hungry the following day AT ALL?

7/16/09 3:26 P

ive been having kettlecorn popcorn every night for a snack (about 5 cups) and at first everything was fine, but now i find myself really bloated and constipated. my lower stomach actually hurts a little bit because i think its so full. could this be from the popcorn? i do drink water with the popcorn so i'm good as far as water is concerned.

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