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A few things will help us figure out what's going on here.

How much do you weigh currently?
What's your goal weight?
What's your target weekly weight loss?
What's your target weekly calorie burn goal?
What's your calorie range?

The problem with basing your weight loss goals on dietary needs is that the more you workout, the more you need to eat to support that. You adjust your diet to your exercise; not the other way around. If you want to work out less than the defaults (not recommended, exercise is about more than weight loss, and 30 minutes 3 X a week is SO important for overall health and well being) then you can set your program up to do so. The program changes for you... you don't have to adapt to the program.

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A pound of fat represents about 3500 calories. So to lose a pound a week, you need an average daily deficit of 500, to lose 2 pounds an average deficit of 1000.

However, most nutritionists also recommend a minimum intake of 1200 calories for women and 1500 for men in order to ensure that your body gets the minimun nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

So if your overall burn is between 1700 and 2200, Spark will still recommend a minimum intake of 1200, even if your goal is 2 lbs per week.

Your overall burn has 3 components:
* your metabolism, or what you burn just keeping your natural body functions ticking over, known as your BMR
* what you burn through daily non-exercise activities (generally reckoned at 20% in addition to your BMR for a sedentary lifestyle
* what you burn through exercise.

Exercise is that main component that you can actually change. A building a larger calorie deficit probably will take more than the minimum recommendations of 30 minutes 3 times per week.


8/28/13 8:21 P

I noticed when setting up my plan that whether I choose a weight loss of 1 or 2 pounds a week, my caloric intake is essentially the same. Does this meet I have to meet my fitness goals as well as my nutrition goals in order to achieve my weight loss goal? I would prefer to base my caloric intake on diet alone, exercising on my own schedule (admittedly less than the plan prescribes).

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