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2/26/14 1:34 P

Just know yourself and TRACK it!

Can you have just one glass of wine? Will drinking cause a trigger for you to eat other foods?

Some people have no problems tracking and drinking wine, but for others they don't bother measuring the wine and next thing you know you've drank half the bottle and are munching on stuff you wouldn't normally have grabbed!

I do drink wine occasionaly but I literally pour it into a measuring cup first or use my scale to make sure I am only having 4 ounces. When I eyeball my glass I usually end up with a much heavier pour.

GIPPER1961 Posts: 763
2/26/14 12:23 P

I would say you can have anything that allows you to achieve your goals. If wine adversely affects you either in losing weight or anything else you should not have it. If however you can drink a little wine and still lose weight and do the other priorities of your life, have some wine.

for myself I would never say nothing is off limits because there are things that affect me adversely like sugar but each person is an individual. Use observation to see how it goes

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2/26/14 12:00 P

Of course. Just factor into your calorie budget for the day.

MARTHA324 Posts: 5,802
2/25/14 9:39 P

The way I handled wine when I was losing weight was to abstain during the week and then have some on the weekend. I probably had more than I needed, but I wanted it...I did really watch the food intake. It also kept my weight loss slow, but that was OK as it was a sustainable process.
Now I still generally don't drink during the week and am more relaxed on the weekend.

Basically you can have anything - it's all about choices.

2/25/14 8:42 P

As everyone else has said, nothing is off limits. There is no "bad" food or drink. I personally decided not to drink for the forseeable future though; one turns into two, and two turns into three. Do that a couple of nights a week and it really adds up. I cut out all alcohol and increased my exercise and blasted through a plateau. But if you can do it -- by all means, do.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
2/25/14 8:05 P

Nothing is off limits. Plan for your wine and eat a little lighter the rest of the time. I don't often indulge in alcohol because the water weight it adds hangs on for ages, but I do indulge in other things. I'm 20 kilos lighter and have maintained it for a year, so obviously the occasional wine/piece of cake doesn't hurt.

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2/25/14 7:53 P

SP, if done as they suggest, doesn't make anything 'off limits'. If you want to indulge occasionally, plan for it- that's all.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
2/25/14 6:54 P

Wine is about 125 calories a glass. It's not horrible, and better choice than a drink made from a mix (daquari mix, etc.).

I drink on occasion - it fits in or not. If I know I will be drinking 400 calories one night - I either eat about 1100 for the day, or I eat like normal, and know that I'm going to go over a little bit that day.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/25/14 6:23 P

Yes of course. Wine has about 25 calories an ounce. So you can have a 3 or 4 ounce glass and fit it quite easily into your overall daily calories.

Now granted, you have to realize that these calories are totally devoid of "nutrition" - but so is a 100-calorie packet of Doritos or an Oreo cookie... just something to keep in mind - doesn't mean "can't" or "shouldn't" - only "approach with moderation."

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2/25/14 6:17 P

I like to come home from work and have a glass of wine once in a while..on Friday night..maybe 2 or 3...if I do everything eles right can I still indulge?

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