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3/2/13 8:16 P

You're doing your body more harm than good eating so little. Don't be afraid to eat foods that are high in calories but GOOD for you - such as nuts, high in fat but full of nutrients, and egg yolks! Yes, yolks do contain cholesterol and fat, but they also contain vitamins and minerals your body needs. Don't discard the yolks when you eat your eggs! Have a little bit of healthy fat with every meal - easy way to bump your calories.

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3/2/13 6:14 P

Agree with dragonchild- however being a resthome helper both young and old sometimes suffer from not being eating enough.. Try to divide your calories up into 6 smaller meals so your eyes are not satisified before your stomach..

It is a mind thinkie your fighting- make the meals look like eye candy.. Make healthy desserts with fruit and yogurt.. Perhaps use a few regular products to get your calorie count up to over the 1200..

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3/2/13 6:13 P

Thanks everyone for your advice. As far as emotional eating or depression, I have pretty normal emotions so i dont think either of those are a problem. I have been to the doctor when i started gaining and tested negative for any type of thyroid. SLIMMERKIWI that article helped me, I am going to try adding more snacks in between. I boiled a bunch of eggs today and put them in the fridge so i have a quick snack at hand. I usually get rid of the yolk though. Cutbacks like that may be responsible for my low calorie count.

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3/2/13 5:15 P

Below is a link which should help you some:

Have you talked with your Dr about this? There are various reasons for this, medical and emotional, and so you really need a Dr's input, and a Dietitian to ensure that you get the vitamins and minerals that your body needs but won't be getting enough of. My suggestion would be that while you are having difficulty you get something like Ensure or Fortisip which is a 'meal replacer' drink that is often used for very sick people. I am not suggesting you use it instead of food, but as a drink. I THINK they are about 300 calories each.

If there is emotional stuff going on, then ask your Dr for a referral to a Therapist to help you. My own mother was having very similar problems to you but would sometimes go the whole day with no food. I couldn't get her to eat, even tho' I told her her life depended on it. Her comments would be I'm not hungry, so I don't need it. I KNEW that she had been down emotionally even tho' it wasn't obvious to others, and finally got a Dr to listen. (She hadn't been loosing weight so the Dr didn't see there was a problem.) She is now being treated for depression and her appetite has returned.


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3/2/13 2:27 P

How do you feel eating this way?
How long have you been eating this way?
Did you track your calories when you were gaining?
Have you been to your doctor to find out why you were gaining weight when you were eating 1500 calories a day (something that would be more on track for your height but you say you were gaining weight)?
Have you asked your doctor why you would feel "stuffed" on 600-900 calories per day? There might be something going on medically with you.

I'm 5'9" and 190, and I can assure you I didn't get here eating "the right amount."

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3/2/13 2:08 P

That is not enough to support your body's basic needs, and you will slow your metabolism and risk malnutrition, because that is simple not enough for a person your size. Under no circumstances should you be eating under 1200 calories.

What is your current SP recommended range?

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3/2/13 2:00 P

I only eat between 600-950 calories a day. I am 5'10, 200 lbs.

I have been trying to eat more but I keep getting extremely stuffed. If I eat the recommended servings for my BMI I will be eating more than I was when i not on a diet and was gaining weight. Does anyone else have the same issue where it is hard to eat enough.

Because i see alot of people having problems staying UNDER their calorie range, just want to know this is not uncommon.

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