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6/22/13 8:52 A
this is how spark calculates your ranges. keep in mind that your size determines how much you can lose. in other words, if you are 200+lbs, you can lose 2lbs per week. if you are 110lbs trying to lose ten pounds, you're not going to be able to pull 2lbs per week. you're not even going to be able to pull 1 lb per week at that weight. at 110lbs you're looking more like 1/4-1/2lb per week. figure you can lose about 1% of your bodyweight per week up until you're about 30-40lbs from your goal, at which point it's going to be about half that.

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Go to your "My Fitness Tracker". You should see a button that says: "Fitness Setup". Scroll to the bottom and manually enter how many calories you estimate that you burn per week and "save". This will update your calorie range.

Also make sure that you've entered your weight goal date accurately. Go to your Start page, then the orange box on the left hand side where it says Pounds Lost, there will be an option to "change goal". Click it and scroll to the bottom where it says; "set your goal date" and set your goal date to 1-2 lbs per week loss. This will adjust your calorie range in your Nutrition Tracker.

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Your daily caloric requirements for is calculated based on your current weight and activity factors. Obviously, to lose weight you need to be in caloric deficit. 1lb of fat = 3500 calories so based on a caloric deficit of 500 calories you conceivably lose 1lb per week. I couldn't find a calculator on SP so here's a link to one I found on another site -

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6/21/13 9:22 P

I don't know if this is the right place to post but if I'm trying to lose 1-2 lbs a week and I'm worjing out 5 days a week burning about 600 calories a day how many calories should I be eating a day? Thank you

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