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5/9/13 3:36 P


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5/9/13 3:06 P

I try and get no more then 1450 calories a day

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5/8/13 6:58 P


What do you mean when you say "I feel that i'm not losing any"? You've been a member here for 3 weeks and you've lost 5 kilos. If anything, that's far too fast. If most of that was in the first week or so and now you've slowed down to less than a kilo per week, then it's probably okay, but rapid weight loss is a BAD thing, not a good thing. Losing too fast increases your risk of gall bladder problems by a lot, and it also makes it far more likely that you'll "burn out" and go back to bad habits before you get to your goal.

Think in terms of percentages. It's generally safe to lose 1/2 to 1% of your body weight per week when you're seriously overweight. At that speed, you'll be down to your goal weight in quite a bit less than a year. That's totally reasonable, and losing at that pace will also make it easier to keep the weight off.

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5/8/13 3:58 P

OOOO Obie, if that's the case then I am overeating for sure LOLOL

I am learning something new at sparks here and I love it...

(edited because of the update) I did not see where it went over to the nutrition side for the calories, where exactly is that at?

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I'm pretty sure that when you are entering your info, you include average exercise per week info (under FITNESS GOALS).

As long as that info is accurate Spark will calculate your adjusted calorie ranges. You would need to update the info as your workout habits change.

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
5/8/13 3:02 P

One thing you might want to keep in mind as well is that those calories does not include your calories loss when when you exercise either.

You must add more calories when you work out...

Like examply my daily calories minimum is 1550... when I work out, I have to add an extra 500 to 700 calories extra depending on my work out for that day.. my top total calories is 2250.

Those calories that you have listed is regular calories that you must have on a daily basis if you do nothing else at all.. not including exercise...

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5/8/13 2:56 P

Good question!!! Thanks for asking - I was wondering the same thing!


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It means you can eat between that many calories, but do not go lower or higher. Too little calories will make you gain weight just as much as too many calories will if not more.

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5/8/13 2:50 P

that's your range. 1200 is the MINIMUM; 1550 is the max.

if you aren't meeting the minimum (1200) on regular basis, you could sabotage your efforts.

if you ARE eating in your range and not seeing any results, you could be at a plateau or not accurately measuring & tracking everything. Make sure you measure (rather than guess) everything!

also keep in mind that the scale is not the only (or even the best) way to measure your progress. Are your clothes fitting better? Are you stronger? Can you exercise more intensely or for longer periods of time? Is your resting heart rate getting lower? Blood pressure? LOTS of non-scale victories!

5/8/13 2:44 P

what's the meaning of calorie intake 1200-1550?
does it mean i can eat 1550 and shouldn't exceed this amount or i shouldn't exceed the amount of 1200?
i lost by the first month 5 kilos but now i feel that i'm not losing any even though i'm not exceeding 1200 calories any advice?

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