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7/24/09 12:37 P

Hey, i work at Ralphs. All of the creme ices are made with 1% milk so they are a lot less fattening than ice cream. the pb cookie dough is made with real peanut butter so you get the protein and nutrients that you would with the real stuff. they dont have a working link on the website but im working on having someone take care of that.

The no suggar added is sweetened with nutrisweet and has 1g of sugar per 6oz. and of course the water ices are fat free cholesterol free and made with all natural real ingredients. I know that our store gets shipments of fresh ice twice a week so i dont think that they really pack in the preservatives either. GL with the weight loss!

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5/22/09 10:29 P

Trans fats? In ices? No way! Trans fats come from oil, and there's no oil in ices!

Just so you know, get the non-dairy ones; those are definitely just water, fruit juice, sugar (real sugar/syrup, not high fructose anything), and flavorings. The dairy ones have milk/cream in them, which can have the calories add up after a while... but even so, ices are mostly water and flavorings!

5/22/09 10:22 P

thanks, that does make me feel better.
and it DID taste really, really, really good!
im just happy you told me that the ingredients are probably pretty good.
hopefully it wasn't half as bad as im imagining (hopefully no trans fats or high fructose corn syrups! blech!!)

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5/22/09 10:14 P

You're just going drive yourself crazy over what's really nothing to worry about!

I have a bunch of friends who have worked at Ralph's in the past, and one or two who still do. I'm 99% sure that they use "real" ingredients. It isn't the same stuff that, say, the ice cream man gives you that is basically a creamy liquid mixed with slushy water.

Again, don't worry so much! It was one thing, and you can now move past it!

5/22/09 10:10 P

yea, it was just so out of scope for me. i'm a total health nut, you know? all organic all natural all the time
but i just REALLY wanted it. so i let myself cave a little.
i just want some piece of mind with the ingredients and such, but i can't find it anywhere!

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5/22/09 10:06 P

I assume you're from Long Island. Hi!

Last year when I was first on SP I'd have Ralph's once a week. When I'd enter it here, I'd just use generic "italian ices" because I always got the non-dairy ones. If you got the dairy ones, just put in "frozen yogurt". You don't need to be exact all the time! Why freak out so much over one italian ice??? Just enjoy it and eat in moderation!

5/22/09 7:55 P

i got a peanut butter cookie dough cream ice.
how bad do you think it was??
i'm scared!!
i normally NEVER eat ANYTHIGN not organic, but i just really really wanted it, so i got a small.
i feel guilty for all the preservatives and sugar that must have been in it...but life's bout living a little every now and then.

but i do want to know how many calories/carbs! thanks!

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