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12/29/12 4:14 P

thank you so much for you , i think as i understood i will depend on the heart rate monitor ,for now.

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12/27/12 6:53 A

Most people max out at around 800 calories an hour, and it takes a reasonably fit person to achieve sustain that intensity for 60 minutes.

1000 calories seems far too high a number to be feasible for someone starting out.

High blood pressure and some medications can lead to a faster heart rate than the exercise really warrants, leading to HRMs sometimes overestimating calories burned in these situations. Likely as you have got fitter, your heart rate and blood pressure have improved, leading to a more realistic estimate of calories burned.


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12/26/12 11:37 P

I would also take the data from the heart rate monitor. I wear a heart rate monitor each time I work out. When I go to my zumba class, I used to burn about 1000 calories an hour. When I entered the data into Sparkpeople, an hour of zumba burns 652 (or so) calories. My body has gotten used to the workout, so now I only burn 500 calories an hour compared to the 652 calories offered by sparkpeople.

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12/26/12 5:49 P

I, too, would ignore the step counter. It doesn't take into acount the level of exhersion like heart rate or speed (sparkpeople).

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12/26/12 5:10 P

Ignore the step counter - they are calibrated for normal walking and are not going to produce an accurate calorie for a leslie sansom video.

The heart rate monitor and Spark seem to be giving numbers in the same ballpark - I'd go with the more conservative of the two methods.

Personally, I would track this as a cardio exercise. But certainly some people like to see weekly miles or steps add up.


12/26/12 3:01 P

I would count your heat rate monitor. You have to remember that people enter most of the information on spark people. Most of it is great and reliable, while others not so much. People don't realize that if they rely only on the information that machine they are working out on then they are in trouble. Most of the machines aren't accurate on the calories that they say that you burn. Also the amount that your burn changes based on your weight. A heavier person would lose more weight than a smaller person doing the exact same exercise.

12/26/12 12:37 P

i got a heart rate monitor ,and a step counter ,when i do a leslie sanson work out for 30 minutes .they give me so variable reading , and sparkpeople fitness counter gives me another reading ,
now im sure that all my data is correct ,so why they give me that diverse reading ,
and which reading should i count .
ex :walking 2 miles , 30 minutes
step counter :107 calories
omron hear rate monitor : 320 calories
sparkpeople fitness counter :381
so witch one should i take.

onther question please : in my fitness tracker i got ,Step Tracking and Mileage Tracking and Cardiovascular
so where should i track videos like leslie sanson as i dont want to have any duplication in counting .

does such videos count as cardio

sorry for asking alot of question .

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