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I'm glad to hear that! I wouldn't trust the treadmill too much; they can be off by as much as 30%! If you want a more accurate tracking, use a heart rate monitor with a chest strap that tracks your age, weight, and gender. A good rule of thumb is that for most people (not at either end of the curve) you burn about 100 calories per mile. If you're throwing some intense intervals in there, maybe you can get over that, but not much. Since you're doing 3 miles in 50 minutes, I don't think you're getting significantly over that, so I would take that estimate with a grain of salt.

Build up to that half marathon... that's a lot farther than you think. If you can run a 5k, look for a 10k training program, and aim for that. Get that under your belt, then go for the half.

Good luck! I have a half on my bucket list, too. One day!

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Well, I wasn't sure if my treadmill was truthful or not..but on days I run my 3 miles it takes me 33 minutes and it says I burn 500. So on days that I don't run I walk at about 4.0 and do "mountain climbing" ...every 2 minutes I go up an incline until I get up to 10.0 grade than I go back down every 2 minutes and do that until I reach 500 calories which takes me about 3 miles also and about 50 minutes to an hour. My goal is this october I would like to run a half marathon in my town at a beginners pace. I can do 4 miles now but it's tough. Just on my bucket list and a way for me to stay motivated to lose the weight. I've been searching the internet for a training program I like and not sure which one will be the best one for me. But I'm seeing why I need more calories...I've bumped them up and going to give it a month and see what happens...finding the perfect formula for ouselves I think is really tough!

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I'll go with your calculations of 1500 calories for your base.

You will t hen multiply that number by your daily active living multiplier, 1.2. That will give you 1800 calories. That's what you burn living, running errands, moving around the house, taking care of the baby, working, whatever.

Add 500 calories for breastfeeding. That brings you up to 2300 calories burned.

When you add exercise, you'll be burning another 500 calories per day. That's 2800 calories. To *maintain* all of that, you'll need to eat 2800 calories a day.

To LOSE 1 lb a week, you will then subtract 500 each day... 2300 calories would give you about 1 lb per week lost, all things being equal (although again, your body is NOT a calculator, there's a margin for error in there. Especially when the hormonal changes of childbirth and breastfeeding are concerned.)

Now, if you don't want to eat that much, cut back your exercise. You don't need to burn 500 calories every day, and honestly, you shouldn't. You also need to be taking rest days. ;) How long are you exercising to get that much? On the treadmill, if you're walking, that would take about 5 miles or so to get there... at a 18-20 minute mile, that means you're walking about 90-100 minutes a day... that may be too excessive. Is there a reason you're wedded to the 500 calorie calorie burn?

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So after I calculated I got approximately 1500 calories from that equation. So then I add 500 for exersize and 500 for breastfeeding and I should eat 2500 calories a day? To maintain? Or will this result in weightloss?

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Your BMR is not based solely on your weight. Here's the actual calculation for BMR.

Female BMR = 655 + (9.6 x weight in kg.) + (1.8 x height in cm.) – (4.7 x age in years)

Because these formulas use height in both centimeters and meters, here’s how to calculate it: Multiply height in inches by 2.54 to convert inches to centimeters.

Because these formulas use weight in kilograms, here’s how to calculate it: Divide weight in pounds by 2.2 to convert pounds into kilograms.

You ALSO need to account for daily activity. For most people, this is a 1.2 multiplier, since you don't just lay in bed staring at the ceiling 24/7.

This all comes from here:

I think you're vastly under-calculating your actual expenditure.

You simply can't lose 2 lbs per week safely, even if you combine nursing AND treadmill. If you don't make up for those excess calories lost, you will start to slow your metabolism AND put your supply at risk!

The less you have to lose, the less of a calorie deficit you will need to maintain to safely lose weight. Remember that your body is not a calculator. Even if the "math" is all perfect, that's not the whole story. Plus, you may also be underestimating calories eaten, and overestimating calories burned.

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I just thought my weight 163 would be 1630 calories a day to maintain...3500 calories = 1 lb so 500 calories nursing X 7 would be 1 pound a week lost and 500 calories X 7 exersizing would be 3500 calories a week for another pound a week for 2 pounds a week

so eat 1630 calories to maintain
nursing loses 1 pound a week
treadmill loses 1 pound a week

those were my initial that's why I wanted to check my math and thinking

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3/1/13 8:48 P

Thanks. I guess I shouldn't be worried...just impatient with myself I guess. OK. I will stick to the 1700 end and try adding an extra 500 and see what happens...:) (I do take the prenatal vitamins still with the calcium and eat cheese yogurt and milk every day) I just get scared if I eat more the scale will go in the wrong direction again....

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Given that you ARE losing weight, why are you worried? This is, after all, not a race - the slower losses are much healthier and much more likely to stay off. My own weight-loss was much slower than yours - but it got me there, and I have remained there for a long time.

I'm no expert but recall reading that a nursing mother uses about 500 calories for that alone. Given that most sedentary women of average weight needs 1200 calories to maintain that weight, and then add on 500 calories re the breast feeding, then your very minimum would be 1700 calories - on top of that you are doing a fair bit of exercise, and NEED to consume more.

Your baby may well be thriving, but it may be at the expense of your physical well-being, that may not be noticed now - even by a Dr, until much further down the track. It can affect the quality of your bones, causing osteoporosis, and many other issues.

Some Drs don't have certification for nutrition - I suggest that you ask for a referral to a Dietitian who can go through your diet with you, and ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that you need.

Good luck,

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1 lb per week is about what you should be aiming to lose. If you're over 200 lbs, 2 lbs per week is safe and attainable for you. 2 lbs per week is simply too much for you. I would say that 1300 calories is far, far too little for your body, and would not be enough to support adequate milk production for your baby. You are burning way too much.

For starters, readjust your goals to create a deficit of no more than 500 per day. That amounts to roughly 1 lb per week. You're not fat enough at 163 to lose that much. :) (Good problem to have.) It took you two years to put that weight on, and it will take time to take it off, too. So shelve the idea of being able to do 2 lbs per week. You can reasonably attempt to lose about 3% of your remaining weight loss goal per week.

Whatever your range is, then you need to add 500 calories to it. What's your height?

Your doctor said to eat a "little less" to start losing, with maintenance at 1800 calories a day. Why are you going lower than that? Listen to her advice. Did you ask her why she said you would not lose on the range Babyfit provided? (Which was what, exactly?) I would not, at the VERY bottom, eat less than 1700 calories if I were you... that's minimum safety range of 1200 + 500 for breastfeeding. It will take longer to lose, but you will not put your supply at risk.

Here's how your calorie range is calculated here on SP. To account for your breastfeeding, you would need to add 500 calories per day to the TOP AND the BOTTOM of your range.

Also be aware that many nursing moms may find that they need to lose weight more slowly, or that they can't lose those last few pounds because the body tends to hold on to your fat stores for milk production.

There are several things going on here for your calorie burn per day. How long on the treadmill does it take to burn 500 calories, and why did you choose that number? That's a LOT of walking.

1) Your base metabolic rate (which is anywhere from 1500-2000 for most people.)
2) Your activity modifier (1.2 for day-to-day activities). You multiple your BMR by this number. That's what you burn each day.
3) Your breastfeeding. That's about +500 calories per day.
4) Your exercise. That's also reported here as 500 calories.

Did you tell your doctor how much you were exercising? Are you taking any rest days?

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3/1/13 8:00 P

Hello. So here is my story. Two years ago I was 192 pounds and found my way down to 137 pounds. I than started school and went back to bad habits. I also had a baby in September. Needless to say I found myself back up to about 170 pounds and realised I needed to get back on track. So I have been at it for about a month now and am down to about 163. My goal was to lose about 2 pounds a week but have been losing about 1 a week. I want to make sure my calories in and out is right. I have been counting and staying between 1300-1700 calories a day, I workout on my treadmill daily until I reach 500 calories burned..(according to the treadmill..don't know if it's really true)..every other day I run 3 miles and the days I don't run I do incline work and fast walking and reach 500 calories after about 45 minutes of treadmill time. I am also nursing. (I know I am supposed to use the sister site but I talked to my doctor and she told me I do not need to eat as many calories as they say if I am trying to lose and I like this site and understand it and don't want to learn a new site...old habits I guess.) She said to maintain I would probably need about 1800 calories a day and to go a little less to lose..and if baby seems to get fussy to increase if it seems like I'm not making enough milk. Since I'm trying to lose I figured the 1300-1700 plus the 500 in exersize would be sufficient but I am wondering if I am not calculating right..maybe eating too much? too little? Because I feel like I've been stuck here and I'm not moving down like I would like to. Any math help would be appreciated...I would like to lose the 2 pounds a week....Also, I know I am making enough milk because my baby is thriving and gaining weight, and not fussy. She is also eating some solids and I take my vitamins as does she. Someone on another message board suggested not to sacrifice what my baby needs for a number on a scale which I'm not. If I fealt she was missing anything I would make changes I need to. My doctor said she is doing beautifully. I just want to be healthy and around for my kids. If you think I need to eat more that's fine I will, but I know I can lose 2 pounds a week that is the math I am trying to figure out.

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