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My suggestion is for you to post this on the diet/nutrition boards which are monitored by our nutrition experts. From the number of calories you are expending and because you are still nursing, my concern is you are undereating--and you do not want to sacrifice what your baby's needs for the sake of a number on the scale.

Coach Nancy

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I forgot to meantion that my baby is thriving and gaining weight and not fussy so I know I am making enough milk for her.

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Hello. So here is my story. Two years ago I was 192 pounds and found my way down to 137 pounds. I than started school and went back to bad habits. I also had a baby in September. Needless to say I found myself back up to about 170 pounds and realised I needed to get back on track. So I have been at it for about a month now and am down to about 163. My goal was to lose about 2 pounds a week but have been losing about 1 a week. I want to make sure my calories in and out is right. I have been counting and staying between 1300-1700 calories a day, I workout on my treadmill daily until I reach 500 calories burned..(according to the treadmill)..every other day I run 3 miles and the days I don't run I do incline work and fast walking and reach 500 calories after about 45 minutes of treadmill time. I am also nursing. (I know I am supposed to use the sister site but I talked to my doctor and she told me I do not need to eat as many calories as they say if I am trying to lose and I like this site and understand it and don't want to learn a new site...old habits I guess.) She said to maintain I would probably need about 1800 calories a day. Since I'm trying to lose I figured the 1300-1700 plus the 500 in exersize would be sufficient but I am wondering if I am not calculating right..maybe eating too much? too little? Because I feel like I've been stuck here and I'm not moving down like I would like to. Any math help would be appreciated...I would like to lose the 2 pounds a week....

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