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There can be only one calculated field in a system where values rely on each other. How much to burn depends on how much you're eating. How much to eat depends on how much you're burning.

Spark takes the approach of calculating how much to eat, given how much you're burning. So there isn't a "you should burn". You burn what you burn. Given that, you should eat (your range).

If you're not sure what you will burn, just enter how many days and how long per day you plan to work out and track your workouts for one week. At the end of that week, manually set how many calories you tracked as your "calories to burn" goal for the following week.

As you track more weeks, adjust more so that it's a basic realistic average.

So ... how much should you work out? Healthy adults should get at least 30 minutes a day of exercise, more like 60 if you want to burn a little extra to help lose weight. If you're not already able to do that much, do what you can and build up. Once you are, don't do "more time", just make more use of your time with intervals and increased intensities. :)

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I'm not quite with it yet. I started a week ago today and I am trying to gain more knowledge about the calories I need to burn. I've never had as much dedication to losing weight as I have now and I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything right. Thank you for responding emoticon

2/7/13 8:05 P

If you click above on MY TRACKERS, START...
You can scroll down the left side of the screen and you will see how your current program is set up and many calories to burn a week through planned exercise. You can increase or decrease this amount and see if it alters your calorie range.

Do you know how to calculate the amount of calories you are burning through your exercise?

Dietitian Becky

2/7/13 3:56 P

well welcome to sp...... make your page not so private and we could help more.... there are lots of kinds of exercise... I mostly do swimming and treading water or walking and also elliptical machine..

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2/7/13 3:31 P

I am on a 1200-1550 calorie intake per day. I'm not sure how many calories I can burn in a day to help me lose weight.

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