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Just to add to some of what the other posters have said, you burn calories in 3 main ways:

* your metabolism, or what you burn just keeping your natural body functions ticking over - most people burn between 1300 and 1900 calories through this alone. Google 'BMR calculator' to get a better fix on this number for you.
* what you burn through daily non-exercise activities. This is generally reckoned at 20% in addition to your BMR.
* what you burn through deliberate exercise (200 - 500 calories per day is probably a reasonable number for weight loss).

So it is not hard to see how your OVERALL burn will be approaching or exceeding 2000 calories per day, and this you can lose weight on a 1200-1300 calorie diet, without having to exercise for 4 hours.


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5/8/13 9:26 A

If you want to track what you burn and find out what your personal BMR estimate is, then you can go to reports and track it under the calorie differential reports. SP doesn't recommend that you track this daily. It recommends that you look at the calorie differential over time to so that you can get idea of the trends in your calorie intake/burn. The idea is that you consume fewer calories than you burn. This causes the body to use up energy reserves (fat) to make up the difference. To lose a pound, you have to burn 3500 calories. If you follow a healthy plan, that would be about 500 calories a day for a pound per week.
Cee Bee

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to get a more accurate idea of how much you burn WITHOUT exercise there is a formula you can do. google it and put your info in, that way you can count. the other 2 are right though, you burn calories 24/7. i believe technically the idea is that the average person burns 2000 calories a day just doing normal daily things, but of course the formula specifically targets weight, age, gender, and activity level. i would look into that!

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Like the PP said, you burn calories just by existing. This is your basal metabolic rate (BMR). What SP does in weight loss mode is to help you create a deficit between calories taken in (the stuff you eat) and the calories your expend (BMR+exercise).

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Actually, you burn calories all day long even if you're not exercising. Sitting and typing this message on Spark, I am burning calories. I even burn calories in my sleep!

So you do not have to exercise all day long to burn more than you eat. You burn calories just by living. Your body needs calories for digestion, respiration, neurological activity, sitting, standing, etc.

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5/8/13 8:49 A

I have been thinking about this for a few days. They say you should burn more calories than you consume. Well if you are on a 1200 -1300 calorie diet you would have to workout almost allday because you would have to burn anywhere from 1250 - 1350 calories a day. But then you would have too few calories in your body. The question may not make sense but it runs through my mind how can you burn more calories than you eat. I do a 19 minute per mile walk and burn around 300 carlories walking 55 minutes which is almost an hour. so I would have to walk that speed 4 and a half hours to go over 1200 calories or more if I eat more calories yet.

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