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2/5/12 12:50 A

If you want to gain muscle, lift heavy. Protein is used to rebuild your muscle after you lift. Lifting tears the muscle. Some bodybuilders eat 1.5 times their weight in kilograms. You don't want to get all your protein from shakes. You want to get most of it by eating. Chicken, fish, beans, eggs.

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2/4/12 7:03 P

I agree with the other posters - gaining muscle mass is normally about genuinely challenging strength training, rather than how much protein you consume.

It is worth thinking about your overall calories - basically if you are running a calorie deficit, the body will end up burning protein for energy, rather than creating new muscle tissue. In many cases you are better off adding carbs to free up some of the protein you are already eating, than adding yet more protein.

I think the general recommendation for protein intake amongst even the bodybuilding fraternity is 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight, or roughly 0.5 grams per pound. 130 grams is likely significantly more than is required or the body can readily use.


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2/4/12 2:00 P

The shakes are a total gimmick.

Quality strength training with maximum weight creates the situation in your body to demand muscle growth. If you ensure that you eat protein with every meal, and a protein/carb snack after working out, you will gain muscle bulk. There is no need to add additional protein via shakes - a normal healthy diet will generally be sufficient.

If it isn't, just up the protein range a little. Maybe you could use one shake a day to do that if you can't figure out how to simply add more healthy protein "food" into your menu daily.

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2/4/12 2:29 A

Agree with having to be doing weight training.. Definitely add some solid breakfast like egg whites which are lean and complex carbs, oats and fruit are good too, perhaps also add a real food pre-bed time snack.. I use 2 fruits and 200 grams of yogurt to tid me over night.. In summer I freeze the yogurt and fruit to yogurt icecream so I can have a healthy snack.. As post workout I use ryebread and the leanest cheese I can find on the market..

I don't use those shakes or bars very often and they are a suppliment not a replacement for core meals like breakfast..

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2/4/12 12:08 A

Hi Jason,

You may want to post this on the diet/nutrition board which is managed by our nutrition experts. That being said, protein alone will not build lean body mass. The body can only metabolize so much protein at one time (35-42 grams per meal according to many nutritionists) so eating too much will only cause the excess to be stored as fat. Remember too that you must be doing a resistant training workout where you are overloading the muscles.

Coach Nancy

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2/3/12 10:53 P

So here is what's going on. I ha e crushed 3 weight loss goals of mine. I went from 305 lbs to now 179. I'm happy here. Now I want to gain muscle. I don't care if the scale goes up if its Len muscle mass. Starting Tuesday ill be drinking 3 muscle recovery/rebuild snakes a day, 2 with my meals and 1 for breakfast. I eat about 6-8 times a day and intake with the three shakes about 2100 calories a day and around 130+ protein a day. Is this enough, too little, too much? I can easily add calories if need be by having a normal healthy breakfast plus a shake instead of just a shake. Suggestions?

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