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While SparkPeople is a great community for support and encouragement for general advice, when it comes to injury related questions, these are best left to ask your doctor about since he/she is familiar with you and can do a full assessment of your situation. Offering even a best guesstimate as to the cause is outside the scope of practice for our experts and members.

Coach Nancy

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Hey all. I'm hoping someone in the Spark world can help me out.

For the past few weeks, I've had recurring stiffness on the side of my leg. It's not my knee. More like the upper, side part of my calf (maybe). Or possibly a tendon that's tight?? It's fine when I workout, but gets pretty stiff off and on throughout the day. It feels like it's just a muscle or something that needs to be stretched but it's in such a strange place, I don't know how to properly stretch it.

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions for stretching that part of my leg?

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