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1/17/11 9:56 P

just wanted to say I had such a wonderful workout with my grand daughter this evening. I think my plan with her WILL work!! My handsom little grandson even joined in the fun.

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1/17/11 12:56 P

Awesome! What better way to spend time together than doing something active AND fun:)

BALANCE46 Posts: 104
1/17/11 12:53 P

Sounds awesome - let us know how it goes!

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1/17/11 9:45 A

so, last week didnt go well as far as keeping up with my goals.New plan.Since I am at my daughters house for most of the week for work related reasons, I have decided to get my 8 year old grand daughter involved.I get home from work aroung 6:45pm,eat dinner,clean the kitchen, help with the kids bath or homework,whatever needs to be done.Then its time for bed-completely wiped out by that time!This week,when I get home,I will eat my dinner,leave the kitchen to my daughter,help with homework if needed and then my grand daughter and I are gonna play my Wii fit plus together.She is so excited,its gonna make "gammy time" even better.Not only will I fit doing stuff with at the grand daughter,I will also be getting my workout done too!Who knows,her little brother will probably join in the fun too! Im psyched!!!!Cant wait for this workday to be over!

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