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2/1/13 1:05 P

ok that is exactly what i wanted to know. i just got a bit panicked when I read if your burning to much and not eating enough you wont lose

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2/1/13 6:54 A

It's not really that you are burning too many calories, but rather that you are burning more than is in your Exercise Goals. Spark uses this information to calculate a recommended intake foryou.

As a VERY rough guide, it typically takes a weekly burn of 2000-3000 calories to trigger an increase in your recommended intake.


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1/31/13 4:59 P

ok cool thanks

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1/31/13 1:54 P

As long as you put an accurate number in your fitness tracker, you're fine. It often doesn't change your nutritional ranges unless you go up by a lot. I'd track the number of calories you burn for a couple of weeks (leaving it at 1000-11000 for now) and after 2-3 weeks of consistency, see what the number for each week was and use the avereage of that as the number to put on the set-up page for weekly calories burned.

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1/31/13 1:44 P

So I've been doing the turbo jam video's and spark has an estimate of 500ish burned calories per session. im only supposed to burn 870 cal per week and i've only done one spark vid and two turbo jam sessions and im at 1180 burned this week. A little caption came up at the bottom of my fitness tracked page saying if im burning more then 840 consistantly i need to update my fitness plan or i will actually slow down the weight loss process. i tried to edit it by putting in i burn about 1000 cal weekly but nothing changed. what do I do? how do i balance out my plan?

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