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building the chest

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4/6/11 9:54 A

everything looks bigger shaved, lol...

Posts: 15,787
4/5/11 2:37 P

It looks good shaved to younger women but my woman likes it furry. I'm good with it either way. LOL!

Posts: 357
4/5/11 1:26 P

i like that workout KJ....
i need a meaty man chest!
can you shave a meaty man chest or does it have to be furry!

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4/5/11 10:36 A

lol, KJ

Posts: 15,787
4/5/11 10:04 A


Dang, I can never remember that word and think I always pronoune it wrong....

Posts: 1,821
4/5/11 9:28 A

I agree with KJ.....

if you can do 12 reps then add more weight. if you can only do 8, then push for 10-12, but once you get to the 12 bump up the weights.

5-6-reps will get you stronger but Hypotrophy (muscle building) is 8-12 reps.

Good luck.

Posts: 15,787
4/4/11 11:08 A

Man Cleavage is called "Deep Chest" LOL!

@OP: I'll tell you what I do and what worked for me.
I do chest once a week:
~Bench Press 5 sets x 8-12 reps (medium to heavy lifts)
~Inclined Press (same as above)
~Inclined Flyes (same as above)

I have a very nice meaty deep chest.

It helps to eat clean, too

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Posts: 9
4/3/11 7:43 P

Hey free weights,

Sure there is! Its important that you a large enough amount of weight though. The most weight I have at home is 90 pounds, which is not enough to add bulk to the chest. If you want to add bulk to your chest, lift the heaviest amount of weight you can 5-6 times. That fifth or sixth rep should feel like its impossible ;]

Do that 3-4 times (sets). Change it up next time, try holding your arms closer together to work the clevage area of your chest, incline your body to work the upper part of the chest, decline your body to work the lower part of your chest, etc. Also, try holding weights out to your sides and lift them up to center (fly) like you are making giant claps with your hands.

SparkPoints: (31,080)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,110
4/3/11 6:46 P

You really shouldn't do any muscle every day. Some would argue every other day to once a week even. I think the simplest would be the bench press. It's a compound move that strengthens the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. You could also do push ups.

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4/3/11 6:42 P

Is there any great exercises to do to help build the fat of the chest? Something I can do everyday with bar bells? I really would appreciate it. All rsponses will be read asap.


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